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In Rockford, Ill., authorities are scratching their heads after a giant arm apparently fell from the sky and onto a car travelling west on Route 7. Though many believe the incident is a hoax, state officials insist that the arm is real and plan to discuss the matter further in a press conference next week. The car’s owner, Russ Tinsley, maintains not only is the thing real, it’s odor is potent.

“I don’t know what to tell you,” Tinsley said. “It’s a big, stinky green arm, man. Like the Jolly Green Giant’s arm — you know, the guy on the bag of peas? It’s awful. Many people were amazed by it. I just wanted to get to work.”


The incident has inspired representatives from every community to give theories, the scientific and religious experts garnering the most support.  Local shop owner Perry Hudkins was reportedly quick to inform a crowd that were two possibilities.

“According to my findings, this could indeed be the arm of an angel,” Hudkins said. “And I believe it may be a lesson from above that we need to show more strength in our presence in the world. Or there’s a giant green man who lives up in the sky who just lost a fight.”

Outside of Rockford, the only proof of the monster is a photo taken and posted on the Rockford Police Department’s Facebook page. Many experts outside of the area say they’ll provide their theories once the limb has been publicly revealed at the press conference. This is not the first time giant limbs have been found in odd places around the world. In Idaho last year, a farmer supposedly found a 3-foot toe in the middle of a field. Since 1958, a small Taiwanese village has used a giant nose reportedly found in a ditch as an annual parade decoration.

Weekly World News will continue to follow this story as it progresses.