Crocodile Dundee, long thought to be dead, was found alive in Los Angeles yesterday.
Crocodile Dundee (1986), one of the biggest comedy hits of the ’80s.   Soon after, Paul Hogan (now 73) disappeared along with his co-star (and wife), Linda Kozlowski (54). 


Paul and Linda Kozlowski resurfaced when they attended the G’Day USA Los Angeles Black Tie Gala last Saturday, bringing back memories big knives and kangaroos.


Accompanied by their son Chance, the playful and affectionate couple looked just as in love as ever, though their 19-year age gap is certainly now more apparent than it was back in the ’80s.
Crocodile Dundee was a fish-out-of-water comedy in which New York reporter Sue Charlton travels to the Australian wilderness to interview Mick Dundee, a rugged adventurer and hunter who survived a vicious crocodile attack. After accepting her invitation to return to the Big City with her, Dundee finds the outback is nothing compared to the concrete jungle of Manhattan Island.
Hogan split with his first wife, Noelene Edwards, in 1986, the year that “Crocodile” was released and in which he started romancing his co-star. Hogan and Edwards were first married in 1958 (the year Kozlowski was born) and split in 1981, though they got back together less than a year later. Hogan and Kozlowski were married in 1990 and reprised their on-screen roles in two Crocodile sequels.
And then… they disappeared.  Many speculated that Hogan joined an aboriginal tribe, or that he accidentally cut himself (and his wife) with a big knife.  Some speculated that he moved to Tazmania and opened a candle shop.
But no, he was just on his couch in his home in Sydney for the last two decades.  “Why should I get off the couch.  I made all my money by 1990,” reportedly said Hogan.   Kozlowski stayed with him – even though they have a nineteen year age gap.  “Sue always sees him as a twenty-five year old man.  Even when he uses his walker,” said a friend of Kozlowki’s.
John Travolta was even stunned to see Hogan again:


Now that Crocodile Dundee has been found, what will he do?  “I’m going back to my couch in Sydney.  See you in twenty years, when I’m 93!” said Hogan.

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