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Pundits on all major networks agree… Paul Ryan absolutely destroyed Joe Biden in tonight’s Vice Presidential debate.

The only debate between Vice President Joe Bide and Republican candidate Congressman Paul Ryan, which took place at 9 p.m. in Danville, Kentucky is over and…  Paul Ryan wiped the floor with Joe Biden, according to all the mainstream media sources.

“It was a total disaster for Biden,” MSNBC’s Chris Matthews screamed.  “What the hell are the doing at the White House?  Who gave Biden alcohol before the debate?  This race is over!”

“Paul Ryan won the election tonight,” said former Clinton adviser, James Carville.  “Joe Biden looked like Admiral Stockdale tonight.  He barely could form a coherent sentence.”

George Stephanopoulos  reportedly told views, “a Vice President hasn’t done this bad since Dan Quayle got beat up by Lloyd Bentsen.”

And in a surprising tweet, Bill Maher reportedly said, “I am donating one million dollars to Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney.  My candidates are on too many drugs.”

The debate took place Thursday night, but during the day Joe Biden was looking to score some “Kentucky bluegrass”… “I hear it’s really got a kick,” Biden reportedly told some stoners in Lexington.

The debate focused on domestic issues, with particular attention devoted to the economy.  Paul Ryan repeatedly accused Joe Biden of being a person who wants to take money from the middle-class and run up the debt and deficit.

Not surprisingly, Joe Biden agree.  “Look, we want to raise taxes on everyone. That’s what the patriotic thing to do is.  Everybody needs to chip in.”

Biden also made a few gaffes, as expected during the debate.   He said he opposed Obamacare, was pro-life and wanted to make sure “no woman ever gets a free condom.  Not in my lifetime!”

In the segment on the “role of government” Joe Biden told America that he believed that the government should support every American.  “The government can take care of you better than your mother or father.  That’s a fact!”

Martha Raddatz of ABC was the moderator for the debate.  She was accused of  having a bias because she attended Barack Obama’s wedding.  And she did her best to help Biden out with questions like… “So, Vice President Biden, you agree that Paul Ryan wants to kill old women and drop bombs on illegal immigrants crossing into America from Mexico?”

Raddatz also had tough, leading questions for Ryan:  “So, Mr. Ryan, is it true that you want to mandate that all children carry guns to school?”

Even with the help… Ryan obliterated Biden.

Toward the end of the debate,  Joe Biden surprised American when he turned to Paul Ryan and said,  “You know what?  You make a lot of sense.  You’ve got my vote!”

Polls conducted by MSNBC showed that Paul Ryan won the debate with a 99% favorable rating, while ALL the other media in the country had Mitt Romney winning with a 98% favorable rating.

In an unrelated story, President Obama has authorized, by Executive Order, “triple-voting” in Florida, Ohio and Virginia.   “Democrat residents of those states can vote three times,”  White House spokesperson Jay Carney said.