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Mayan archaeologists met in Guatemala and confirmed the end date for the Mayan Prophecy is December 21, 2012.  That’s when the world will end.

Archaeologists reportedly reviewed a newly discovered 1,300 year-old Maya text that provides only the second reference to the “end date” of the Maya calendar on December 21, 2012.  The discovery, one of the most significant hieroglyphic find in decades, was announced at the National Palace in Guatemala.  Al Gore was in attendance, representing the United States.

“This text talks about ancient prophecy,” says Marco A. Comito, Director of Tulane’s Research Institute and co-director of the excavations at the Maya ruins of La Corona. “This new evidence suggests that the 13 Bak’tun date was an important calendrical event that would have been celebrated by the ancient Maya,” says Comito.

Archaelogists from Rutgers University in New Jersey and the University of Rome went on to say that the end date for the world is clearly stated in the hieroglyphics.

“They knew how long the world would last and they were extremely confident about the apocalypse.  They were much more advanced they we are today,” said Professor Katya Malley of Rutgers.  “I wouldn’t make any long-term plans.  There’s no need to buy Christmas presents.”

The archaeologists gathered at “Site QQ” in Guatemala.  Site QQ is the source of many looted sculptures whose whereabouts had remained a mystery until its rediscovery only fifteen years ago.

In 2012, archaeologists excavated in front of a building that had been heavily damaged nearly 40 years ago by looters looking for carved stones and tombs. “Last year, we realized that looters of a particular building had discarded some carved stones because they were too eroded to sell on the antiquities black market,” said archaeologist Tomas Barbarinto, “so we knew they found something important, but we also thought they might have missed something.”

In fact, in 2012, excavations not only recovered 10 more discarded hieroglyphic stones but also something that the looters missed entirely—an untouched step with a set of 12 exquisitely carved stones still in their original location (in total, 22 carved stones were recovered). Combined with the known looted blocks, the original staircase had a total of no less than 264 hieroglyphs, making it one of the longest ancient Maya texts known, and the longest in Guatemala.

Several archaeologists said that the discovery of newly carved stones not only have great historical importance but these new stones offer the final definitive proof that the world will end.

“There have been a lot of reports and editorials stating that the Mayan prophecy is a hoax or that the predictions will prove to be false, but almost all the predictions of the Mayans have come true.  If you were a betting man, you’d bet on the world ending.  I am,” said Professor Malley.

What do you think? Will the world end or not?

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