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Jessica Simpson gained a lot of weight during her pregnancy.  But after giving birth to her daughter, Simpson says she wants to stay fat.

She gave birth to her daughter Maxwell, and was spotted, many times, hard at work trying to get her body back to her pre-pregnancy weight.  But now Simpson says she’s giving up on dieting.  “I actually love being fat.  I love my heavy body.  I don’t see why I should kill myself to lose weight.  You either love me or you don’t.  Haters don’t bother me.”

The 31-year-old new mom said she loves her “mom jeans” and has no desire to fit back into her old skin-tight jeans.  “It’s a much better life being fat.  There’s no pressure, no expectations on you.  Fat is beautiful!”

Fellow actors have been commenting that Simpson was “12 months’ pregnant” and “appeared to have let herself go”.   Some actors even called the Hollywood Fat Police on the star.  But Simpson reportedly told WWN, “I don’t care what they say, I’d rather be fat than stupid.   Haters are dumb, and fatters are smart.”

Here’s the old Jessica:

Jessica is particularly proud of her “butt chest” (a chest that looks like a bottom).  She said she’s not going to think about dieting until she finishes having all her babies.  “I want four babies, so do the algebra,” said Simpson.

Simpson also loves breastfeeding and plans on breastfeeding Maxwell until she’s at least 5 years old.  “I can’t imagine not having a baby on my breast.  It’s the best feeling in the world.”

Simpson reportedly signed a $4 million contract to lose 100 pounds in six months, but she has reportedly ripped up the contract.  “You couldn’t pay me enough to be skinny again,” she reportedly told a friend.

There are rumors that Simpson may try to go for the record of Fattest Woman in the World.  But her cousin Donna Simpson may have something to say about that.