Jessica Simpson gained a lot of weight during her pregnancy.  But after giving birth to her daughter, Simpson says she wants to stay fat.
She gave birth to her daughter Maxwell, and was spotted, many times, hard at work trying to get her body back to her pre-pregnancy weight.  But now Simpson says she’s giving up on dieting.  “I actually love being fat.  I love my heavy body.  I don’t see why I should kill myself to lose weight.  You either love me or you don’t.  Haters don’t bother me.”
The 31-year-old new mom said she loves her “mom jeans” and has no desire to fit back into her old skin-tight jeans.  “It’s a much better life being fat.  There’s no pressure, no expectations on you.  Fat is beautiful!”

Fellow actors have been commenting that Simpson was “12 months’ pregnant” and “appeared to have let herself go”.   Some actors even called the Hollywood Fat Police on the star.  But Simpson reportedly told WWN, “I don’t care what they say, I’d rather be fat than stupid.   Haters are dumb, and fatters are smart.”

Here’s the old Jessica:

Jessica is particularly proud of her “butt chest” (a chest that looks like a bottom).  She said she’s not going to think about dieting until she finishes having all her babies.  “I want four babies, so do the algebra,” said Simpson.

Simpson also loves breastfeeding and plans on breastfeeding Maxwell until she’s at least 5 years old.  “I can’t imagine not having a baby on my breast.  It’s the best feeling in the world.”

Simpson reportedly signed a $4 million contract to lose 100 pounds in six months, but she has reportedly ripped up the contract.  “You couldn’t pay me enough to be skinny again,” she reportedly told a friend.
There are rumors that Simpson may try to go for the record of Fattest Woman in the World.  But her cousin Donna Simpson may have something to say about that.

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  1. never in the course of humanity has someone with so very little …… gained so very much ….. it must be what has become to be known World-Wide as the " Kardasimpson " effect …. or is it just that most of humanity now is actually a whole lot stupider than previously feared … lol

  2. that picture of her sitting on the bed is clearly photoshopped. She is not that fat. The body on the bed is not even Simpson, it's someone on the net, and her head is pasted over their head. She's not that big people! She will be thin again soon. If you haven't figured it out yet, this site only offers a handful of true storys, and makes up the rest making fun of famous people.

  3. Can you say FAKE? She's having a mental breakdown over her current weight and even fears losing her fiance because of it. She's done nothing but struggle to lose weight since she had baby Max. She's a wreck because of her weight!

  4. I don't understand why anybody has the right to call anyone fat. We are all different, and women keep the wait for their bodies to keep on having babies. A man has no right to call anyone fat. She is not fat she is a beautiful women and mom. We are in a world that only cares about our looks, that's sooo sad!

  5. i actually think her face looks nicer now that she's bigger. Don't get me wrong her old body i did find more sexually attractive, but i think she looks prettier in the face now than in the thin photos..where she looks more masculine & she looks beautiful & feminine and happier now?
    Plus the obvious (more maternal).
    The Breastfeed till 5 things odd though, and more likely untrue.

  6. And not too sure that she will bounce back right away?? It's not like she appears to have let herself go in that tragic Britney or even Mischa Barton way..she still looks healthy, glowing and happy/attractive, just a bit heavier.

  7. Oh PLEASE!!! You guys just want to shock us & some of us are smart enough to know you're using Photoshop. They're SO bad, that they just make you laugh!! LOL!

  8. Did she actually say being fat makes her smart? She was borderline downs syndrome before I can't imagine she suddenly became a genius. Also fat is unhealthy, who cares about looks. Diabetes most cases resulting from being overweight in this country is killing healthcare. My state s

  9. My state spent 12 billion on people with diabetes. How about she starts being smart and promotes a healthy lifestyle, no way she is that overweight supposedly 180 and 5'4", and is living a healthy lifestyle you know eating healthy and exercising.

    • There is a type of diabetes that's not caused by eating unhealthy or obesity. You can't help it but you have it since birth. Those people are not fat nor unhealthy. The real problem is the overload on unhealthy foods and the ridiculous amounts of food average Amercians shove down their throats. The perception on whats healthy is completely misinterpeted. Just because you weigh 180 and you're only 5'4'' doesn't necessarily mean you are unhealthy. People are built differentely. The key to a healthy body (NOT A STICK THIN FIGURE) is a regular balanced work-out, a healthy diet and MOST IMPORTANT: you have to be in a good state of mind. If you're unhappy etc. you will never ever be able to get or stay healthy. The fact a lot of americans have obesity related health problems like diabetes is caused by ingnorance, poor education and no regulations concerning the amount of fat, salt, sugar and calories products contain sold by the endless number of fastfood restaurants in the US. Lack of exercise is maybe the biggest problem in the US: For every shopping spree, schoolrun, appointments or whatever they take their car. Cycling in the city is considerd 'real exercise' In 75 of the world people use a bike as regular transportation! (What it was meant for) When I visted my cousin in the US and asked her if we could go cycling to one of her friends because I was tired of sitting in a car she looked at me as if I was crazy. She couldn't imagine cycling to school or whatever.Here in Holland I go everywhere on a bike: to school in the past, shopping, to my office etc. You burn of at least 300 calories a day only by using a bike instead of a car ervery single time.

    • Wouldn't the way she looked before she started having babies be a sign that her weight wasn't caused by Diabetes? If she has enough money to raise that many kids without having to work, I'd say let her be fat.

  10. fat is disgusting and she just needs to go back to her old self and she doesn't need to listen to what people say online or offline

    • I have to agree with you. I see her on the weight watchers commercials, man she is beautiful. Spend all this time worrying how fat someone else is improving yourself. If one has time to degrade someone else maybe they need to work on their mindset.

  11. OK….I have a question……If she loves being FAT then why is she wearing PLATFORM heels to try to stretch her body out by making herself look taller and not as FAT.

  12. Haha the only reason she was a celebrity to begin with was because she was smoking hot….. If she looked like she does now back then there is no way she would become a celebrity.
    Let's get real here, the only people who find her attractive now, including the ones leaving positive feedback on this site, are chubby guys who do not want to kill a skinny girl by accidentally rolling over her, or lazy women who hate seeing female celebrities who maintain their bodies because it puts pressure on them to do the same.
    Fat is not beautiful, fat is not natural, fat is not healthy…. Fat does reflect unhealthy eating habits and laziness however. No matter what your genetics are, if you consume less then you burn you won't get fat. Making excuses and trying to say otherwise is just ignorant…. Stop snacking, put your running shoes on every other day and stop whining about how you feel entitled to be another ignorant, fat American.

  13. Fat is not about unhealthy.. Many of them are healthy guys, so we dont generalized that being fat is a mistakes..
    As me, one of the slim guys, i had complication illness, starts from heart until diabets disease..

  14. Until about a year ago I have never been fat, I went from 180 to 235. I gained the weight very slowly. I found something very interesting once I had a fat belly I found I actually love the new me and I really like being fat. It is hard to explain unless you really experience being fat and just accepting yourself.
    That I am sure is what happened with her. I can tell by looking at her as a fat person she is quite happy with her new fat body, and in truth she looks 1000 percent better. Once you become fat you do understand why she does not want to lose the weight, first of all she can't lose the weight since I am sure like me she put the weight on slowly. She has just learned to accept the fact just like me that she is just a fat woman and always will be and nothing wrong with that.

  15. I think she looks gorgeous. Modern society have unhealtthyly thin "ideals", exaserbated by the fashion industry's use of size zero models. And i have never understood how the labels "normal", "overweight", "obese" and "morbidly obese" on the BMI scale are calculated…

  16. Fat is unhealthy! Do the research—many diseases and cancers afflict fat people, more often than not! She's being very stupid to think there's nothing wrong with keeping that much fat on her body…she will suffer a much lower quality of life, and a shorter one, at that! I'm not talking about a few pounds of fat…I'm talking about obesity, which Jessica is rapidly approaching! Dumb blonde… :o(

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