A broad array of civic, religious, ethnic group have banded together to lobby Congress for the right to “bare bombs.”
The U.S. Constitution states: “A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”  These groups want Congress to clarify that their 2nd Amendment Rights extend to explosive devices, such as M67 fragmentation grenades, MK3 concussion grenades, as well as Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs), pipe bombs or Molotov cocktails that citizens can build at home.
Here’s a happy pro-bomb supporter with his homemade bomb:

Ted Nugent, spoke at the protest, receiving strong support for his pro-bomb message.

The protestor’s signs clearly express their view:  “Bombs, a shooter’s worst nightmare! Congress – don’t make US citizens take Knives to a Gun fight.”   and “I’ll call your AK-47 and raise you with a pipebomb, mothaf***a.”
Newt Gingrich also is a strong advocate for bombs and concealed carry permits for people who want to carry bombs with them everywhere they go.

Wisconsin Reformed Sikh Rabbi,  Hardeep Singh, explained, “Our government has shown little backbone in standing up to the gun lobby to protect us from gun violence. We are lobbying Congress to legalize the purchase, manufacture, possession and use of small ‘personal bombs’ for our protection.”  Following a slate of needless gun violence across the nation, including in Colorado and recently in Wisconsin, many disparate groups have banded together for a solution.
The pro-bomb lobby has strong support from people from all walks of life:

Protestors joining with the NRA include high school students, movie-goers, religious groups such as Sikhs, Baptists and Hare Krishna that have fallen victim to unchecked gun access & violence.  They have banded together with the Tea Bag Party, survivalists, the legally blind, conscientious gun objectors, those with severe mental disorders and even brush-clearers in Crawford Texas

A spokesperson for Amnesty International was even reported to support the movement behind the scenes: “Bear Arms – we ain’t even started openin’ a can o’ whoopass on those pistol packing’ pussies.”   Home Depot & Loews were rumored to have launched back to school promotions featuring lead pipe, nails, fertilizer and pea gravel.”
UPDATE:  Americans across the country are “up in arms” about the bomb lobby; whereas the Lighthouse, a national organization devoted to serving those who have lost their site, has made the bomb issue a core issue in their lobbying.
“What’s a blind man going to do with a gun? But give him a bomb… now you are talking!”
An amendment to the American’s with Disabilities Act is being drafted to include a provision that mandates the disabled receive governmental bomb subsidies so that they are on equal footing – or wheeling, with gun owners.


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