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CALIFON, NJ – In the wake of a recent successful auction, one middle-aged virgin wants to be the first man to sell his first time!

Natalie Dylan, a 22-year-old student, has put her virginity up for auction in order to pay for her master’s degree in Family and Marriage Therapy. With bids topping $3.7 million, some are wondering if this will become a trend. Now one New Jersey resident has made it his goal to become the first man to do so!

Steven M. is a 35-year-old bank teller, whose dreams of flying in space may finally come true. He has set up his own online auction for his virginity, in the hopes of securing a seat on Virgin Galactic’s first sub-orbital flights in 2010.

Although the price to fly is a hefty $200,000, Steven is certain there is one lucky lady somewhere who will pay that much for his “first time”. “It has been my life-long mission to be out amongst the stars and experience zero gravity, just like the astronauts! I know there is at least one woman out there who wants to make me a man and make my dream come true!”

His ad promises: “I am definitely a virgin!! I am ready to take a polygraph test, administered by my cousin Billy, Califon’s volunteer sherriff (hi Billy!). My mom will also vouch for me, she would hear if I was bringing ladies back to the house, haha!”

So far bids have only reached $3.57 but Steven remains hopeful.

Details of the proposed flowering have not yet been released, but it is assumed it will happen quickly and awkwardly in total darkness while his parents are out.