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Master magician Harry Houdini has finally kept the promise he made before he died – and has spoken from beyond the grave!

The shifty showman has vowed to perform his most amazing escape ever on April 25, 2012 –  he will slip the bonds of death and returns to Earth!

“I’m coming back, not reincarnated as a baby but as the man I was the day I died,” Houdini told psychic John Edwards in an amazing, hour-long interview conducted in the bunker below WWN headquarters.

“I am going to prove once and for all that there is a life after death, and I’m going to tell the people of the world just what they can expect on the other side. At last, the veil will be lifted from this mystery of mysteries.”

David Blaine, the modern-day, Houdini is skeptical.  “I’ll believe it when I see it,” said Blaine.

Houdini, the greatest escape artist of all time, swore just before his death in 1926 that he would make contact with the living shortly after entering heaven. But Houdini’s mind-blowing conversation with John Edwards last week was the first time he’d been heard from in 86 years.

“It was not nearly as easy as I had thought to get through, a happy Houdini admitted.

“There are restrictions here as there are on Earth, Everything must wait its proper time and proper place.

The legendary illusionist said he’s learned our lives are controlled by a master plan that has already determined the fate of the universe for centuries to come.  “Here we are allowed glimpses of that plan, but only glimpses, he told Edwards.  “only God Himself knows the whole picture.

But based upon what he knows of God’s plan, Houdini offered these predictions for the rest of the 2012.

— Virtually every militarized country on Earth will join forces under a major new treat to prepare for an impending war with forces from another solar system.  Those forces are called Gootans.

— Average life expectancy for humans will rise to 150 years because science will discover a way to slow aging by lowering body temperature.

— Discovery of an ancient scroll containing shocking new historical data will lead to reforms in the worlds’ religions.

— David Blaine will die, then I will bring him back to life.

“There are many more things I could tell you now, but I will wait until I see you next month,” Houdini said.

But the mystical magician refused to say exactly where we should look for him when he returns from the great beyond, “I may go to Wisconsin he said, “I always loved Wisconsin.