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LAS  VEGAS – Heidi Klum has chosen her Halloween costume – she’s going as Bat Boy!

Heidi Klum has long been a fan of Bat Boy and was excited to announce that her Halloween costume for parties she is hosting in New York and Las Vegas will be – Bat Boy!

Alex Rees broke the story that the supermodel, and star of Project Runway, thought that Bat Boy represented “style”, “innovation” and “class.” Klum told WWN that she feels Bat Boy might represent the future of fashion.

It even got a mention in New York magazine.

Bat Boy has long been a fan of Heidi Klum:

This is one of Bat Boy’s favorite pictures of Heidi:

Sources close to Bat Boy say that he has not decided whether he will attend the party in Las Vegas.  “He’s waiting for Heidi to contact him directly and discuss how best to handle the Halloween events,” said the source.

Heidi did get a little confused and started “monkeying around” as Bat Boy – as reported by

Heidi did her best to look like Bat Boy.  Fans of Project Runway have been asked to weigh in on how successful Heidi was in designing her Bat Boy costume.  Did she succeed?

The most popular costume this Halloween is – Casey Anthony. BUT with Heidi Klum throwing her support behind Bat Boy, the mutant may soon become the most popular costume for 2011.   It would not be the first year he has been in the #1 slot for Halloween costumes.

Bat Boy was the number one Halloween costume in 1996, 1998, 2002-04, 2007 and 2009.

Are you going to follow Heidi’s lead?