WASHINGTON, DC – President Obama issued an Executive Order banning the production and/or consumption of French Fries!

The White House has had enough with the obese in America.  “Americans can no longer be trusted to eat the right food,” said Michelle Obama to the National Nutrition Association (NNA).  Soon after, President Obama issued an Executive Order banning French Fries in America.

“Any restaurant serving french fries will be heavily fined, as will any individuals eating french fries in public OR in their own home,” said Jay Carney, the White House Press Secretary.

Carney told WWN that obesity is a major health epidemic in the United States and that this is the first of “many executive orders” that President Obama will issue that will serve to control what Americans eat.

“We have to make America great again, and we can’t be a great country with so many overweight people,” said Carney

Fines for serving French Fries in a restaurant start at $5,000 per plate and for consumers – if you are caught eating one serving of French Fries that will cost you $200.

How will the Administration police all restaurants and homes.

“First off, we will be shutting down all French Fry production lines in America, so we will cut of the source of this evil food.  Secondly, we will encourage all Americans to report on their neighbors and friends.  If you see something, say something,” said First Lady Michelle Obama.

Even if it hurts business, restaurants should exchange their top dishes for healthier items with less fat, salt and sugar and they should begin serving smaller portions, Obama said. As an example the First Lady offered this; instead of French fries, restaurants should serve apple slices or carrots with hamburgers and they can use less butter and cream even if it compromises taste.

Speaking at a local Olive Garden restaurant in Hyattsville, MD, Mrs. Obama joined senior management of Darden for a press conference. “This is a breakthrough moment in American history.  We will be come a healthy nation again.”

The boy in this photograph, Tommy Darby of Crystal Lake, IL, was the first to be fined $200.  He had a small fry with his Big Mac.

The White House is encouraging all Americans to eat “an apple a day” and may issue an Executive Order forcing Americans to do so.


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