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NEW YORK – Book publishers in New York are in a bidding war to land Casey Anthony’s tell-all book.  The price tag is up to $3 million.

Book Publishers have started a fierce bidding war for the rights to Casey Anthony’s autobiography.    Casey Anthony’s high-powered book agent (who wants to remain anonymous) is trying to get as much as possible for his client.

Insiders are the top book publishers have confirmed to WWN that a book deal is imminent.  “Casey will probably be signing a deal by the beginning of next week, after the judge sentences her.”

Book publishing sources told WWN that “Casey will be a very rich women within a month of being out of jail.  Everybody wants to read her book.”

Many in the public were outraged when they learned of the book deal.  “She’s guilty as sin, as far as I’m concerned.  It’s outrageous that she’s now going to make money off her crime,” said Sally Hempton of Pittsburgh, who was in New York City on vacation. “There should be a law prohibiting people who are guilty of a crime, but got off because of a dumb jury and an even dumber prosecutor, from making money off their case.”

Sad to say – that’s not how the world, especially the publishing world, works.   “It’s the hottest property on the planet right now,” said a source at The New York Review of Books.

Maria Shriver is said to be making a deal for a $15 million tell-all about her marriage to Arnold Schwarzenegger, which would be the biggest advance in book publishing history.  Casey Antthony’s agent is confident that, in the end, “Casey will break that record.”

Not only is her agent shopping the book, but he is NOT guaranteeing that Casey will reveal exactly what happened to her beautiful daughter, Caylee.  “It might just be a book about how an innocent woman was railroaded by an out-of-control District Attorney’s office and the media.  It could be a book about how the media demonized her.”

Casey does, however, plan on revealing to the public, “the real Casey.”   Sources told WWN that Casey wants to show the world that she really is a loving mother and an honorable woman.  “She’s going to start a non-profit organization dedicated to finding lost children.”

The anonymous book agent said that Casey may also sign a deal for a second book, “a work of fiction.”  The agent told WWN that Casey feels that she is gifted with story and thinks she can write a work of literary fiction that may garner her a Pulitzer Prize.

Members of Casey’s Defense team are also shopping books.  They’re all feeling very happy about the verdict:

Casey Anthony’s book agent also said that her client intends to spend “the rest of her life looking for Caylee’s killer.”

It’ll all be in the book.

UPDATE:  AND she’s getting her own reality series. READ ABOUT IT HERE!