LONDON – Casey Anthony was spotted placing flowers at the shrine outside Amy Winhouse’s Camden flat.
Amy Winehouse fans were outraged to see Casey Anthony at the shrine that was built outside Winehouse’s Camden apartment.
“What is she doing here?!” yelled Fiona Marshton.  “She is insulting the memory of Amy.  Go back to jail! Get out of London!”

Twitter and Facebook blew-up with Amy Winehouse fans around-the-world expressing their disgust that Casey would show up at Amy’s shrine.
Casey Anthony, however, was undaunted.  She placed three dozen roses and a candle with a note that said, “Love always, Casey” on the sidewalk.
Sources close to Casey Anthony say that Amy Winehouse was Casey’s favorite artist and she felt that Amy was her “kindred” spirit.
Here’s Casey in London last night:

The crowd outside Winehouse’s apartment became very angry and started closing in on Anthony.  London police officers had to move in to protect the recently acquitted mother of Caylee Anthony.  Casey Anthony was then whisked away in a limousine.
Casey Anthony’s attorney, Jose Baez, was also in London.  He said he was with Casey trying to set up her international foundation for lost children.  “Amy wants to make sure that what happened to Caylee doesn’t happen to any other children – around the world.”
Baez said that he was going to give up his career as an attorney and focus the rest of his life on “making sure Casey is safe and sound.”

Casey Anthony has been busy working on her book.  READ THE WWN STORY ABOUT CASEY’S BOOK DEAL.
Don’t bet on any fans of Amy Winehouse’s purchasing Amy’s book.

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    • Tom,
      We wondered the same thing… But CBS reported this morning that Jose Baez got the U.S. government to give Casey her passport back. Unbelievable! Hasn't been widely reported yet… but it's outrageous, right?
      Frank Lake
      Senior Editor

  1. That part why she doesn't want children to die #1 she's been given the gift of life much like you the Man Jesus Christ had 3 children one RETARDED girl he went to France with 2 wives and possibly What we know as America .And I watched COPS yesterday man arrested for under the influence riding bicycle.I think Casey Anthony is the grapefruit story you people finally can't get enough of and Ralph Nadar July 25,2011 5 months before Christmas on web Ralphie reminds me of 1000 x the leverage of any lawyer .Howard Stern For President or Ross Perot Agents to help our Deficit Ceiling $14.3 trillion usd.

  2. Baez is confirmed to be in New York! He is currently in talks with Matt Lauer for an interview staying at one of the finest hotels on their dime. This is either a hoax or unverified reporting!

  3. I highly doubt that Casey Anthony is in London. She is a convicted felon and can not leave the country. Also doubt that she would have a passport so quickly after leaving jail….

  4. I am really tired of everyone who thinks they can tell Casey where to go. She has as many rights as any of us. Casey, I am proud of you and the foundation you want to set up. I know as well as everyone that you did have something to do with Caylee death accidently. But I am impressed to see you do something positive. I went through allot of abuse when I was younger and do not know how I would react if I was in the situation you were in that day. I am in North Carolina and if you need ANY help in this area with your new organization you are staring please e-mail me. I am proud of you and as long as God knows your heart don"t worry about everyone else. wishing you lots of blessings and your daughter was so beautiful… I will NOT have anyone tell me what I can buy that you do to help better yourself and this world!

    • Are you serious that you believe that Casey is going to set up a foundation for missing children??? LOL OH MY GOD, that's hilarious! And do you really believe she showed up at Amy Winehouse's shrine in London. OH PLEASE!!! What an idiot!!! Go ahead and contribute any money you want to Casey, it's a free country. I'm sorry, if it's true you were abused when you were younger. But C'mon, you really bought that crap??? She was not abused. I know that personally….

    • wow sad to see that someone is proud of a person who has done wrong. and even if she didnt get proven of murder she still knew what had happened to a innocent child. obviously u have not watched the case lady. And if she thinks that people will forget cause she is doing this fake foundation she is sooooo…. wrong. she will be misrable for the rest of her life and deserives it.

  5. That picture of Casey that claims it was in London is an old picture that was shown suring her trial and numerous times on nancy Grace. It is from 2008. The girl is in hiding, why would she put her name on it?

  6. It is done wheather we like it or not. No more can be done. I am upset as everyone else, but what can we do except boycot anything she tries to gain from this. Just don't buy it. Right? Don't make her gain from this. Sorry, but true. I just cry for that little girl, that is who lost.__

  7. She’s not in London. In fact, she hasn’t left the country. She’s not in hiding, really. Just recuperating; in Cleveland.

  8. Those who think that they can kill or those that think they can be killed are confused in the manifestations
    of bodily death. The infinite, immortal spirit can neither kill or be killed. – Lord Krishna


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