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BREAKING –Casey Anthony was found “not guilty” on all counts.  She said she is now heading to… Disney World!

The Orange County Courthouse in Orlando was thrown into chaos after Casey Anthony was found “not guilty” on all murder and aggravated assault charges.

There were rumors circulating on the  web this morning that Casey Anthony told some inmates that she did kill Caylee, but those rumors were proved to be completely false.  Apparently, the inmates were lying.

The inmate that lied about Casey confessing was Sharon Wolski, 37, who is in jail for money-laundering and drug-dealing.  Wolski said Casey went into her cell last night and just started “blabbering” out loud about her guilt.

In fact, what happened was that Casey went to her cell and kept repeating out loud that she did NOT do it.

“She kept saying over and over that she did NOT kill Caylee,” said another inmate Arlene Jackson, 49, (in for burglary and car theft).  “She was talking really, really loud saying,  ‘I did not kill Caylee. I  did not kill Caylee!'”

Jackson said that Casey “just snapped.”  She told reporters that Casey started screaming and kept it up all night, repeatedly saying she did not do it.  “She was definitely getting something out of her system.  It was like the devil was speaking,” said inmate Arlene Jackson, 49.  “Never heard nothing like it.  That girl’s got some demons in her.”

Judge Belvin Perry met with attorneys for the prosecution and defense this morning to keep this “inmate craziness” to a minimum.

Even after the verdict some still believed that Casey did it.

“I know she did it!” said Margaret Olby of Seattle, who traveled across the country a month ago to attend the trial. “Everybody knows she did it.  The guilt is probably eating her up alive.  I just hope Caylee will some day get the justice she deserves and can finally rest in peace.”

Zanny the Nanny also showed up at the courthouse today to see if she could talk to Casey.  Her request was denied.

Scott Peterson called Casey Anthony in the Orange County Jail to congratulate her on her acquittal.

The Anthony family – George, Cindy, and Lee – told reporters that they are planning a family vacation to Cancun after Casey gets back from Disney World.  “They want to repair the damage done  to their family,” said a source close to the Anthony family.

******UPDATE: Casey Anthony offered book deal. READ IT HERE!!***********