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If you are reading this – you have been Left Behind!  Today is Judgment Day and you are officially NOT chosen!

Today is the moment we’ve all been waiting for: “Doomsday.”

Make sure you understand how this works.  Today is The Rapture – Judgment Day. The world doesn’t end… it’s the BEGINNING OF THE END.   Earthquakes, volcanoes, floods, natural disasters, man-made disasters, clowns committing suicide –  will begin today and increase for the next five months until October 21st, when the whole world disappears.

What you WILL see today is Bodies Lifting Up toward the heavens, and Bodies Lifting Up out of cemeteries.  So, perhaps the best place to watch The Rapture is at your local cemetery.

“Good” souls – living and dead – will rise up and go to heaven today.  Everyone else is “bad”, sinners – and are now marked for Hell.  If you are still on earth at the end of today – YOU are a sinner and you are being Left Behind by God.  You will die on October 21st, 2011 with all the other heathens.  You will burn in Hell forever…

Have a nice day!

But, nobody has ever experienced the Apocalypse before, so you should enjoy it while you can.

If you know someone who has NOT been left behind, please contact Frank Lake at WWN because he has set up a Left Behind Fund to collect all the worldly possessions of those that have risen to the heavens.  He will collect those items (including stocks, bonds and cash) and put it all in a for-profit fund set up for himself, his friends and his family – all of whom have been Left Behind.

Have a good one!!