If you are reading this – you have been Left Behind!  Today is Judgment Day and you are officially NOT chosen!
Today is the moment we’ve all been waiting for: “Doomsday.”
Make sure you understand how this works.  Today is The Rapture – Judgment Day. The world doesn’t end… it’s the BEGINNING OF THE END.   Earthquakes, volcanoes, floods, natural disasters, man-made disasters, clowns committing suicide –  will begin today and increase for the next five months until October 21st, when the whole world disappears.
What you WILL see today is Bodies Lifting Up toward the heavens, and Bodies Lifting Up out of cemeteries.  So, perhaps the best place to watch The Rapture is at your local cemetery.

“Good” souls – living and dead – will rise up and go to heaven today.  Everyone else is “bad”, sinners – and are now marked for Hell.  If you are still on earth at the end of today – YOU are a sinner and you are being Left Behind by God.  You will die on October 21st, 2011 with all the other heathens.  You will burn in Hell forever…
Have a nice day!
But, nobody has ever experienced the Apocalypse before, so you should enjoy it while you can.
If you know someone who has NOT been left behind, please contact Frank Lake at WWN because he has set up a Left Behind Fund to collect all the worldly possessions of those that have risen to the heavens.  He will collect those items (including stocks, bonds and cash) and put it all in a for-profit fund set up for himself, his friends and his family – all of whom have been Left Behind.
Have a good one!!

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29 thoughts on “THE RAPTURE IS HERE!”

    • They need to go read the HOLY BIBLE AGAIN!!!!!!And stop trying to play GOD.I have been saved and blessed by the LORD JESUS for a long time.If they r so good y didn't GOD take them???And y would GOD leave little babies here that don't know about sin yet?sad that they r not smart. They r trying to save someone they r not doing a good job. They r scaring people or making people think GOD is not a loving GOD.So That is where people like us come in to show them he is loving.Don't tell people o the end of the world is coming so u need to get right with GOD.U should of been right with GOD in the first place.U can't fool GOD.I wish I could talk to that man myself because I could ask him some??????And I bet he would not know what to say.All they what is money and 15min of fame.In the HOLY BIBLE it tells us that people will deceive u.This is the work of the devil.

  1. yeah worlds ending today give me all ur money dont go blow it….bible syas nobody will know…it also says watch out for false phophets,,,

  2. maybe enythings possible but i am not convenienced at all who ever said this is really delusional did he or she forget too take there medicane too day? the end what? oh no eekkk.

  3. This guy who does this needs to get punched in the jeans he has done this before in 1994 and i am still here so he needs to check him self into a Hospital

  4. guy who proclaims this is one faulty person fake a fraud a straight up weirdo the bible says there will be fake religions claiminng to know the word of god .only god knows when the end of mankind will be. as for the end of the world not happening this world will be here another billion years .

  5. I agree the world is not going to end And everyone who knows God the Father in heaven would know this fake the Bible specifically states that noone not even the angels in heaven knows when the end is coming only the Father knows this…Jesus gave a hint to his disciples when they asked." tell us when we will know that the end is near,, and Jesus replied…" there will be signs in heaven wars and rumors of wars, floods, earthquakes in this place and that..and so on..read mathews in the bible to finish Jesus teaching..so there u have it from the Creator and King himself ..we are not above our creator he is above all living and dead so..this type of world ending garbage has got to stop..and if not at least have the discerment to know what God in Heaven says…and u can believe that without a doubt!

  6. look i dont think people that beleived are stupid i just want people to be carful do not be a lamb led to slaughter

    • So true…man has twisted and altered the bible so much, its better off to stay home and have your own personal relationship with God. Nothing happened yesterday…just some sick people theories about what they misinterpreted. PERIOD….I'm so over these holyier than though twisted christians man. Get a REAL life….do something worth a damn and be quiet with these silly theories.

  7. Is the world going to in at may 21 or 22 / 2011.
    and it did not happen at 6:00 and the Earthquakes did not happen.
    now thay side that if you ar not chozen you will stae on earth and go to hell and the earth will be
    doomsday. and thay side that october 1st be the end of the world.

  8. A B I G L O A D O F B O L L O C K S!! – How many more times are these stupid predictions going to get publicity? for gods sake – just stop!

    • Yes, according to the Holy Scriptures: the Bible, which is the Word of God the world shall never end. It is not going to be destroyed totally, but many chosen people, judged by the returned Christ Jesus (Yeshua) shall be able to live on it for ever, because of the faithfullness to Jesus' Father, the Only One God Jehova/Yahweh.

    • The problem is that it was a story the creative writers brought in to history and popes found very useful to terrorise the public. The Bible explains very clearly what happens with the dead and what hell is. (The hell is the grave, where everybody gets into, and shall have no feeling any more, or shall not be able to do anything any more).

  9. we all know that the bible is clear no man knows the hour of the Lords return… alot of stupid people are just predicting and trying to promote the devils agenda by making most believers stop believing. Jesus did die for us and he is coming back however no man knows the hour…

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