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BRONX, NY – A poisonous Egyptian cobra is on the loose in the Bronx!

A 3-feet long Cobra escape from the Bronx Zoo today!

Visitors ran screaming from the zoo, especially because the zoo officials new that the cobra had escaped before they had even entered the zoo.

The snake, dubbed Cobra-dini by zoo-goers, escaped from its enclosure at the Reptile House on Saturday night and hasn’t been seen since.

Rumors are that the snake is heading for Wall Street – to meet up with a bunch of friends.

“We are confident that we can find the  snake and bring him back to the Reptile House without having to fire any shots,” said Zoo director John Comito.  “When the snake gets hungry or thirsty, it will start to look for humans to bite. Once that happens, it will be our best opportunity to recover it.”

The brownish cobra, with a uniquely large, broad head, is among the most venomous reptiles on the planet — its poison can kill a person in fewer than 5 minutes.

Sylvia Cruz, of The Bronx, who was at the zoo with her 8-year-old daughter, Melissa, griped: “They aren’t doing a good job of alerting people about it. We went to the Reptile House and found out it was closed. It’s really scary and makes me want to leave the zoo before something bad happens.”

Several passengers of the 6 Train spotted the cobra and… kept their distance.   One passenger, Ginger Batacan, said she saw the cobra eat three rats.  “It was amazing, I wish we had more snakes in the subway.  I hate rats.”

If you see the cobra, do not approach… run!!!