LONDON – Prince William and Kate Middleton have selected their wedding cake:  a Dukan Diet cake with a unique cake topper!
Prince William let Kate Middleton pick the wedding cake for the Royal Wedding Cake.   Kate consulted with her mother, Carole Middleton, and they selected a Dukan Diet Cake – The Orange Yoghurt Cake – to be served at the Royal Wedding on April 29th.
“Carole lost over ninety pounds on the Dukan Diet and she wants everyone at the wedding to taste the cake that she ate every week to help her lose weight,” said Royal baker, Ian Watts.  “It’s actually quite a delicious cake.”

There were rumors in the last two days that Fiona Cairns, famous for her fruitcakes and celebrity client list, was awarded the honor to bake the royal wedding cake.  She was excited at first until Carole Middleton that the cake had to be a Dukan.
“I was just overwhelmed. I felt privileged,” said Cairns. “But then they told me I had to make that dreadful cake, I got quite depressed.”
But Kate was adamant about using the Dukan Orange Yoghurt Cake.  Kate also chose the Royal Cake Topper (pictured above).  She thought it would be a symbol of who would be “wearing the Royal pants” in the royal marriage.
Kate feels so strongly about overseeing the cake making that royal watchers have dubbed her “Bakey Katie.”
Meanwhile, the Prince had an idea as well.  He knows that many of his British subjects are struggling financially, so he wants to have some cookies that represent “the little people.”  So on every table at the Royal Wedding there will be a box of these cookies:

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