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LOS ANGELES – Achy Breaky Heart!   Tish Cyrus is having an affair with Bret Michaels!

Miley Cyrus, who turns 18 on November 23rd and has already agreed to appear in Playboy, has a whole heap of new trouble:  her mother, Tish, is having an affair with Bret Michaels!  WWN confirmed reports of the affair with insiders in the Michael’s and Cyrus clans.

That’s right boy and girls….  Miley’s mother is a cheater.   Poor Billy Ray!!

“Teenagers are mortified enough by their parents’ behavior even when their parents are perfectly fine,” points out Beverly Hills psychologist Julie Armstrong. “Her mother has brought public shame on her.”

Billy Ray isn’t taking it well….”he only spent an hour on his hair today!” said Billy Ray rep, Mary Hillstrom.

Many have said that it’s not a coincidence that Miley’s  new “sexy” (or slutty) look for her hit song, Can’t Be Tamed was the brainchild of Tish.  Perhaps Tish was feeling frisky about her steamy love affair with Bret and she wanted to transform her daughter as well.   All we know is that Bret Michaels, who became the Celebrity Apprentice last year, has given Tish his heart.  “You’re hired, to be my lover,”  is what Bret reportedly told Miley’s mom last week.

In her recent performances in three new videos, “Can’t Be Tamed,” “Who Owns My Heart,” and the new “The Big Bang,” Miley has groped men and women, writhed around on a bed, simulated girl-on-girl kissing, and dressed in corsets, tush-high skirts and over-the-knee boots.

“Whether or not Tish Cyrus and Brett had an affair, Miley has undoubtedly seen her mom and Bret being flirtatious with each other. Miley is copying her mom’s sexually provocative behavior because she sees how much attention it brings her,” says Beverly Hills psychiatrist Dr. Carole Lieberman.

Tish may get cut off, financially, from her daughter once Miley learns that Tish is leaving her father.  “Tish will have to answer to Miley for hurting and betraying her daughter. And if Tish is truly remorseful and honestly faces Miley and explains her behavior, Miley may be able to accept it,” believes psychologist Julie Armstrong. “But if Tish lies or tries to minimize what she did, Miley will not be able to trust Tish, and it will push Miley away.”

Well, that’s the last thing that vulnerable Miley needs. No matter how grown-up Miley thinks she is in her thigh-high boots and see-through tops, she’s still a little girl inside who needs a father AND a mother she can trust NOT to betray her!

But… Miley keeps dreaming, reaching for the stars…