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BURBANK, CA – One talk shot host apparently didn’t win any friends over at Apple with her humor!

Ellen DeGeneres, as funny and popular as she is, is not immune from the overprotective Apple. Apple’s PR reached out to the talk show host and a day after running a fake iPhone ad mocking the phone’s usability, she issued an apology.

“A lot of people found it funny,” DeGeneres said. “You know who didn’t find it funny? Apple.”

Apple has taken a lot of criticism from tech industry commentators that the company has become overzealous in defending its name. To say the company is extremely overprotective of its brand is an understatement. It’s evidenced by their handling of the Gizmodo incident and Steve Jobs has even suggested that Apple owns the word “pad” through one of his email.

Regardless, DeGeneres got a slap on the wrist and took time out of her Tuesday show to tell Apple how very sorry she was.

“Everybody at Apple, Steve Jobs, Mr. Macintosh, I apologize … I’m sorry,” she said.

Check out her apology below.