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ARTESIA, NM – Weekly World News exclusive: Michael Jackson has been spotted in a diner with Elvis!

At roughly 3am last night patrons at a diner outside Artesia, New Mexico, saw what was undeniably Michael Jackson dining with Elvis Presley.  The two arrived just before 3 at The Sunshine Diner on 285.

Wait staff say that Elvis arrived first, quietly taking a booth near the window.  Minutes later Michael Jackson entered the sleepy diner, strutting to the booth where Elvis was seated.  Elvis could be seen rolling his eyes even behind his massive sunglasses.

The two quietly dined for just under an hour, attracting minimal attention from the other patrons.  They ordered the pancake special (cherry) and an egg white omelet respectively.  Jackson would pull his hat down over his face whenever anyone passed by, only attracting more attention, until a clearly annoyed Elvis made him stop.

The two appeared to be very happy to see each other and spoke pleasantly for the majority of their time in the small town diner.  After a slice of sweet potato pie and a fruit cup the two began collecting their things, leaving a tip of 20%.  A faithful Weekly World News reader sent in this photo, taken as they were paying at the counter.

When they left, a brief good-bye was seen by a waitress named Estelle Roche.  After a quick hug Elvis got into a ’75 Cadillac that only started after three tries.  Once he had pulled out Michael Jackson pointed his hand into the sky, and in a flash of light he disappeared.  A shooting star crossed the early morning sky heading north-west.

The photo and eyewitness accounts only further fuel the theory that Jackson staged his own death. Weekly World News will continue to investigate.