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NEW YORK, NY – NBC’s Today Show regretted re-booking right wing pundit, Ann Coulter, after the controversial writer went into overload on live television.

This marks the first time one of the rumored Hate-Monger 3000 androids has outed itself in public.  Coulter, along with Rush Limbaugh and Bill O’Reilly, has long been suspected of being a robot programmed to spew hate-filled rhetoric into the public discourse.

During the Today Show interview, Coulter was asked why she spends so much time criticizing First-Lady-Elect Michelle Obama’s personal style at a time when America needs real dialogue on the economy and domestic affairs.

Coulter eyes widened and her head made three abrupt jerking motions.  Smoke began billowing from her ears before she began an almost unintelligible rant.

“Liberal bias!  Liars!  Guilty!  Guilty! Guilty!” Coulter yelled.  “Republican victims!  Conspiracies!”

The rant, laden with censorship bleeps, was cut off as Today Show hosts Matt Lauer and Ann Curry quickly took the show to commercial.

“I’ve never seen anything quite like that,” Today Show veteran Willard Scott said in his Smuckers Birthday Wishes segment of the program.  “I’m out here wishing happy birthday to century year old ladies that make more sense than that broad.”

“She may be prettier than a sun-tanned turkey laying face up on the bright side of the pig pen, but that woman just doesn’t make any sense!  And a happy 101st Birthday to Ida Mae Simmons of Grand Rapids, Michigan!”