I’m madder than Jesse Ventura with a busted microphone about that idiot Al Franken. It’s bad enough America picked a commie President with a crazy name, but now Minnesota went and made some potty mouth “comedian” a senator.

Our Founding Fathers didn’t die at the Boston Tea Party just so a four-eyed squirt like Franken could get himself elected. If George Washington were alive today, he’d slap every idiot in Minnesota with a cold slab of dried out fish, except they’d probably like it! Those people eat deep fried Snickers bars and build statues out of butter to win prizes.

Remember: Al Franken made fun of that red-blooded American, Rush Limbaugh, whose pants he could never hope to fill. Franken was so jealous, he started his own radio thing called Air Pollution. Too bad was so busy insulting our President that Franken forgot to pay his taxes — in 17 states!

No one listened to his show, so “Senator” Franken will be wasting your hard earned money and mine on one-legged Eskimo lesbian art, solar powered windmills and other Demon-crat junk.

Ladies and gentlemen, I’m calling on all Americans to boycott Minnesota! That’ll teach ‘em to make a mockery of the United States Senate, where true patriots have napped and bribed and dueled their way into the history books.

Starting today, the Mall of America is off limits, even if that means hiding your wife’s car keys. Cans of tuna and those little fried up onions will be turned back at the state borders. Lips that have touched Pronto Pups will never touch mine!

Until “Senator” Al Franken is impeached, we vow never to eat another deep fried pork chop on a stick. Commie-sota, you are on notice.

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4 thoughts on “BOYCOTT COMMIE-SOTA”

  1. How about another punishment for people of Commie-sota:

    Replace their television with non-stop loop of the Al Franken movie — "Stuart Smalley Saves His Family".

    People will start jumping off any bridge left standing in that crumbling state….

  2. In fairness, there are very few humans who could fit into Rush Limbaugh's size 54s. Maybe a medium to large farm animal would be better suited for the job…


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