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How to Contact the Space People is a must have for all E.T. enthusiasts.

How to Contact the Space People by Ted Owens is a masterfully spun account of how Mr. Owens was been able to communicate with aliens or as he prefers to call them Space Intelligences (Si) and control the weather with the assistance of his alien friends. In addition to the riveting tales of Mr. Owens’ life experiences, he also offers instruction on how you too can talk to the aliens. Now deceased, Mr. Owens was known throughout much of the world as a modern day Nostradamus for his uncanny ability to predict and control lightening, hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes, volcanoes and other natural disasters by way of his communications with extraterrestrial beings. Effectively, Owens was an all around master of alien communications and Mother Nature relations.

In this book, Owens offers up methods that will allow you, the reader, to communicate with aliens as well. His main advice is to mimic his own actions which he has proven to work through several accounts validated by way of letters form a State of California Notary Public, a lawyer, his land lord, and the wife of an electronics expert.

Owens does offer up one warning though, “One thing to beware of: make sure you are willing to pay the price for contacting Si’s [sic]… Since this communication is all done through the medium of whatever it is, is going to have to be handled by the power of your own mind. They [Si] have told me I am the first human since the days of Moses to be able to withstand the reception of their mental sending power, or whatever it is. They have found other humans who were peculiarly adapted toward Si reception, through the years, but when they beamed or projected or whatever it is they do, the humans either cracked up completely or had strokes or cerebral hemorrhages that destroyed them.”

Owens suffered several severe head injuries throughout his childhood. He believed that these head injuries are what allowed him to have the mental capacity to handle the awesome power of the alien’s communication methods.

In the afterword, Owens informs the reader that, “As this book was in final editorial production I was advised by the Si’s [sic] that each copy will be coded (charged) so that whoever reads it will activate power from another dimension, placing the reader en rapport with the Si’s [sic].”

This best seller for communications majors has continued to be printed time and time again since its 1969 debut. But exercise caution if you decide to pick up this book for an afternoon read. It is a real gamble here; either you will be able to communicate with aliens and learn how to control the weather or your head will explode. Either way once you finish the last page you will never live life the same again.