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NORTH PORT, FL — A retiree in southwestern Florida has reported that aliens have taken residence in his backyard.

Five encounters in the last four months have forced Michael Rowley, a retired Vietnam vet, and his son Shane, to welcome their uninvited guests to the neighborhood.

“Well, I’m retired and I thought this was where you’re supposed to go,” Michael said. “The only bad part is the aliens around here.”

Florida’s warm temperatures and tropical climate is a draw for many American retirees and apparently word has spread to the far reaches of the galaxy.

The Rowleys’ extraterrestial inconveinence has the attention of MUFON – Mutual UFO Network. The group is investigating and wants to setup surveillance. But Michael believes they won’t show up if cameras are around.

He says, “They want the same thing all of us retiree’s want. Peace and quiet so we can enjoy our twilight years. I highly doubt they’ll be coming out for photoshoots just to satisfy your curiosity.”

When they do come out in public Michael says he believes they come in peace and that they’re here for a reason.

“The sun here is a huge draw. Not many places in space have the kind of sun we do here. Florida is known for it, after all.”