NORTH PORT, FL — A retiree in southwestern Florida has reported that aliens have taken residence in his backyard.
Five encounters in the last four months have forced Michael Rowley, a retired Vietnam vet, and his son Shane, to welcome their uninvited guests to the neighborhood.
“Well, I’m retired and I thought this was where you’re supposed to go,” Michael said. “The only bad part is the aliens around here.”
Florida’s warm temperatures and tropical climate is a draw for many American retirees and apparently word has spread to the far reaches of the galaxy.
The Rowleys’ extraterrestial inconveinence has the attention of MUFON – Mutual UFO Network. The group is investigating and wants to setup surveillance. But Michael believes they won’t show up if cameras are around.
He says, “They want the same thing all of us retiree’s want. Peace and quiet so we can enjoy our twilight years. I highly doubt they’ll be coming out for photoshoots just to satisfy your curiosity.”
When they do come out in public Michael says he believes they come in peace and that they’re here for a reason.
“The sun here is a huge draw. Not many places in space have the kind of sun we do here. Florida is known for it, after all.”

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  1. Anyone who's ever been to Florida will realize that a large portion of the population has been space aliens for decades. Ever get a good look at some of those "retirees?"

  2. Please don't waste time on this story I've been to the home,and nothing at all is going on there,mufon set up camera for three months without seeing one thing.This guy thinks his neighbors are dragons and so much more,I'll tell you what it is,a sad case of a kid being raised his whole life being told there is aliens and dragons outside his home,and that the neighbor are all in on it.Imagine what that kid must believe.I do believe in UFOs and aliens but this case is not that he is in it for money by charging people to view a patch of woods for aliens,I wish everyone would stop giving the attention he is craving. Erik Van Datiken your a great guy I've read all your books,just please believe me with this one.

  3. I hope these space aliens don't come to Arizona. We have enough problems with illegal aliens. The space aliens would just make things worse!

  4. Everyone ought to know that the aliens in Florida are cheap clones set up to distract MUFON from the real settlements in Alaska and Saskatchewan. Sarah Palin was forced out of office because she had done a helicopter attack run on one of their conclaves. You can be sure they'll probe her replacement in advance!

    • I say they're fine as long as they don't start using us humans as a food source – I am told this has happened in Mexico and Hawaii, other popular retirement areas. Of course they will have nothing to do with elderly humans, just us young folks – I guess we're tasty!

  5. A request to the Creator was sent to have the angels go and remove entities that did not belong in the back yard of Mr. Rowley. Also, Orgone generators were installed to permanently safe guard his home from future trespasses.
    Fallen Angels are not allowed near human beings. They were warned by the Creator some time back, but have chosen to ignore his Rules. Therefore, this is how we fight them back. Thanks to the Creator, King Yahushua, and The Holy Ghost.
    Faction 4

  6. This one is not real. The man is selling t shirts at the local Dollar Store and trying to sell his house (so are the rest of us in North Port!) on the heels of the "publicity" he's getting. It's shameful that the newspaper keeps reporting on him, giving him space. This man is doing a great diservice to his son and to our city. It's shameful. BTW, I believe in the validity of 90 percent of unexplained or unidentified object claims, just not this one—it's a scam, and he should be shut down.

    • WHAT? How dare you say such a thing? Of course this is real.
      The WWN wouldn't report it if it wasn't true.
      This isn't nearly as far-fetched sounding as some things on the internet.

  7. omg!! how could that be considered real??? we as earthlings figure that's what aliens look!! we've never seen any, and anyone who has probably aren't among us at the moment!!!! so why bother???? they wouldn't project themselves as the picture above because it wouldn't fit in with our normal look!!! therefore causing some questionable situations if they did!!!!!!!!!

  8. Hey people, it's the WWN, if you take this stuff seriously, you need to get out more. I have always loved this little paper, the stories are so outrageous, they are funny. If you believe this stuff, however, maybe you need to start submitting articles.


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