I’m madder than a Mexican jumping bean in a chili dog!
Today they’re having meetings about that Sonya Sotomayor they want on the Supreme Court.
What a disaster! The Teleprompter Kid picked a broad who had to read kids’ books in college, to fix her English! Why not just cut to the chase and appoint Mr. Rogers?
I ask you: would a “wise Latina” all herself a “wise Latina” in public? Doesn’t stuff like that make her sound… stupid?
If we need a Mexican on this thing, I say we treat her no different than the other ones, and make her come to Court by climbing over a fence and running through two miles of sand! And she better not be getting more than five bucks an hour, either!
Speaking of treating people equal: I didn’t like her keeping those white firemen from getting raises, just because they were white. They passed their tests, didn’t they? (And I don’t think they got good marks by just scribbling pictures of fire trucks with crayons, either!)
What worries me, though, is that one of those firemen, the Ricci guy, is an “eye-tie”, which you can tell on account of his name. Now, the papers say Ricci is one of those “dialexics” who reads everything backwards.
I can’t see how that’s any different from just being a dopey eye-tie, but anyway: do we really want a fireman who reads upside down? What if he drives the truck to the wrong street?
These are the burning questions only Ed Anger dares to ask!
I still say we should put Sarah Palin on the Supreme Court. These jobs are for life, people, and we’d all rather look at her for thirty years!

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  1. Here's the sad fact, look it up over 75% of our federal government positions have been filled by foreigners. I'm talking from the GS-3 level to the GS-15. We're the ONLY government in the world that allows this and it is a HUGE reason we've gone downhill. See those people let their friends and family come over and get more jobs in the government, then they buy houses they can't afford, etc…the classic domino effect. Try it next time you call a government agency, I guarantee you'll get an insensitive, a-hole who won't even give you the time of day even though you pay his/her checks…so why not this new person, Sonya? Believe there aren't any of them picking strawberries…they're all picking up paychecks, free medical, housing and so forth from all of us through our tax dollars and leaving the real Americans to suffer. Remember 125,000,000 Americans DIDN'T get a stimulus check–so what's up?!

    • Excellent diatribe! I was yelling at the tube when dip-ish nObama said everyone should get health care, THEY ALREADY DO! He and his pack are trying to arrange their words into clever little packets they can sell to the sheeple. Right now our government needs to downsize, not create all these asinine Csars, over-site committees, and new government divisions. I also love how this is an historic event. Wait, what about Clarence Thomas or Sandra Day O'Connor? Are we downplaying those accomplishments because they weren't made during this administration? The time will come when our paychecks and children's futures can no longer carry the burden nObama is putting upon this nation! Thanks signofthetimes, now I gotta go kick the dog cuz I'm so angry!

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