I’m madder than a drag queen who’s run out of duct tape! Poor Miss California deserved to win that beauty contest.

Then tubby twinkie Perez Hilton – who doesn’t look anything like his skinny rich sister, by the way! – asked the lovely lady if she believed in gay marriage. Of course, she said no, Perez got his pocket hankie in a knot – and Miss California lost the contest!

First of all: why is a lavender laddie like Perez Hilton judging a female beauty contest? Isn’t that like letting an A-rab pick the Pope?

Second, why is he asking crazy questions about gay marriage? Whatever happened to asking about something unimportant, like “world peace”?
(Gays don’t like world peace cuz then we wouldn’t need soldiers in nice uniforms anymore!)

I don’t understand why Perez Hilton has a job when millions of Americans are out of work. He has a face for radio and a voice for print, but there he is, all over the place. He’s just a funny looking fat boy who I bet got bullied a lot as a kid and now he’s a bully himself.

Meanwhile, I think Our Lord is pretty happy with Miss California right now, except for the whole “going around in public in skimpy clothes”
part. And I hear she’s going out with that pothead swimmer guy, which doesn’t sound too Christian to me, either.

But Miss California will end up with her own tv show and a millionaire husband, and Perez Hilton will be left alone with his Liberace records and his pink poodle.

I’d sign up to slap the little tootie-fruity around – but I’m pretty sure he’d like it!

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  1. Since everything is now politics to the far left and every place is their soapbox, Americans should refuse to participate in their ignorance. Next time Ms. USA says, "this is a beauty pagent, not an election forum. what I think about anything political is my business and none of your business." That goes for schools, work places and all other places liberals try to control the thought and speech of free people.

  2. I am a Liberal Democrat and I agree with Ed. First, Carrie Prejean was polite, honest and a Total Class Act. She is perhaps, the most attractive, and most sane Conservative that the ideology has right now.

    PC Stalinist gay marriage fanatic Perez Hilton has been photographed in public naked from the waist down in a fluorescent pink wig. As a Progressive, I don't want this idiot having anything to do with any Liberal politics. And even the gays are realizing this and moving quickly to disassociate themselves from Hilton. The smart money on the Left is beginning to realize that Hilton is a political pariah.

  3. "I think Our Lord is pretty happy with Miss California right now, except for the whole “going around in public in skimpy clothes”
    part. And I hear she’s going out with that pothead swimmer guy, which doesn’t sound too Christian to me, either."

  4. He asked her a personal yes or no question. And then he said on "TODAY" that he wanted her to not answer your question directly. He sounds like the biggest idiot on TV. He calls her all these names like Bit** and Cu**. She is not calling him derogatory terms based on his sex or sexual choices. She is a bigger and better person than hi will ever be.

  5. "Madder than a drag queen who ran out of duct tape"? Ed! How do you know about such stuff?!

    Right on, my friend – tell it like it is!

  6. Yeah, because we all know how much Jesus hated marijuana. Oh wait, Christianity has utterly nothing to do with drug prohibition whatsoever.

  7. Please leave Perez alone. His nazi-storm-trooper-frankenstein looks are not his fault. He suffers from acute megalencephaly.
    This is a serious condition that is stems from an extra chromosone that leads its victims to be vacuous but full of arrogance that will often lead to thinking their opinions are important even though all they know is gossip about what is popular with 50 year old bargain hunting shopaholics. In spite of this he has worked hard to ride on the coat tails of others with no talent and famous for nothing. I for one try to encourage all retards to do their best.

  8. I'm a gay man myself. I'm embarrassed that Ms Hilton has acted like this. Trust me–not ALL gays are militant, not all gays are effeminate, not all gays have a "gay agenda," and not all gays would EVER attack Miss California in the vicious, hateful way s/he did. This is about acceptance–it's about those men (and women) who don't feel secure enough within themselves and who need reassurance from society and their peers that they are accepted within their crowd. I urge you all to condemn and denounce what Hilton has done, while still keeping in mind that there are many people for whom a gay relationship–NOT marriage–is just fine, thanks very much.

  9. Michael Phelps has won 14 gold medals, but he's also been awarded by being arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol in Maryland back in 2004 and earlier this year had a nifty photo of him smoking pot.

    Winning gold medals doesn't make him any less a douchebag than he is. And yeah, if someone calls him a pothead, why would you disagree?

  10. By his lack of judgment in asking the question and his venal and perverted temper tantrum follow up, Mr. Hilton set back the cause of gay marriage and made a fool out of himself. He also posted a photoshopped picture of Miss California with a microphone held up to her face where the microphone had been removed and a male member stuck in its place. What a class act.

  11. Miss California, you go girl! I salute you 100%! You stood your ground, and you didn't compromise! Like you said, " He asked you a specific question, and you gave him a specific answer." And you did it with class. You'll always be Miss USA in my book! (At least until the next one)

  12. Well when "your own' doesn't even like you, that says alot. Alot of other gays can't stand Perez Hilton either and think he's a "terrorist' by trying to force people particularly celebs "out of the closet."

  13. he can dish it but just can't take it. I suppose it's okay for him to write all the trash about people on his blog but then we have to hear how he's offended? seriously? and why the hell was he chosen as a judge? What bone head came up with that decision?

  14. @ John Bryans Fontaine,

    I'd like to point that many gays have hated perez for a long time. Every gain for him is a loss for those of us that are normal, respectable individuals that pay taxes go to church and, at least in my case, have a 68 year old neighbor that help watch after some evenings. Many, possibly even most gays do NOT like his rude, uneducated display.

    One major way that he's popular is because he's a pathetic display of a human that is over the top gay flagging himself. This gives everyone else a moderately comfortable reason to 'laugh at the gay guy'. While I'd normally say thats bad for us, with him I encourage the laughter. Its just too bad that it makes other gay's look like complete idiots.

    I'm comfortable knowing that me and my friends are just normal good people that happen to like our own gender. Not some incredibly immature and unrefined blabbering mess of reckless behavior geared towards sensational news for the price of others' sensational pain.

    Its too bad the world won't turn on him, do to him what he's done to the world. Just so he felt his own pain that his "brand" manufactures as its key product.

  15. Perez Hilton is a stupid want to be. He is famous why because he leaches off the backs of other people who work hard to be so called famous. He will die from but cancer.


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