THE EVERGLADES – Elusive cryptid Manigator has found himself in trouble yet again.  The half-man half-alligator mutant is listed on DontDateHimGirl.com

DontDateHimGirl.com is a website where women can anonymously post the name, photograph and a brief profile of men they have dated.  Manigator, currently wanted in four states, has a record 86 comments on his profile.  Some of these are as follows:

“This guy is an ****, and not the old world southern gentleman he claims to be. He got banned from entering Alabama on our first date. No matter what he says, he is not with Military Intelligence.”

“This man will tell you lies.  For my birthday he bought me $50 in lotto tickets, with my own credit card.  When I confronted him about it, he tried to play for sympathy saying his life has been so hard; that he never knew his father and his mother left him because he’s different.  He was crying, it was so pathetic I gave him a hug.  Then he started unhooking my bra!  Little Creep!”

“He does Not know Ben Affleck!  He got drunk and passed out in Ben Affleck’s pool.  Ben Affleck got a restraining order when Animal Control said it was outside of their jurisdiction.  If he says he knows Ben Affleck, it is a LIE!  I got maced by Jennifer Garner!”

“I Bet He’s Gay!  It’s basic Psychology People!  Don’t be Fooled!”  However this woman had left that exact same comment on over 3000 other profiles.

There was only one rebuttal defending Manigator, from an anonymous poster in Alaska.  “He doesn’t know how to feed and clean himself properly, but he always made me feel pretty when nobody else would.”

This is not the first time the public has been warned about Manigator’s felonious past.  Similar sites, like CryptiDate, MutantMatch and ValidateMyVictimhood have warned women about dating Manigator.  GitOffMyLawn, PeskyCritters, and AffleckNews have chronicled more of his drunken exploits.  In the mid-nineties, he had an entire episode of America’s Most Wanted dedicated to his federal offenses.

When reporters tried to reach Manigator for comment, his trailer was empty and apparently had been vandalized by a mob of bitter exes.

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13 thoughts on “DONTDATEHIMGIRL.COM”

  1. dont date Travion Bramlett. He says he is from Flint MI but lives with his mommy in Auburn Hills MI. He is a liar, thief and cheat. Not only does he have 5 kids under 4 but he swears he hates their mother. He makes promises then never keeps them. He hasnt had a job in 5 years. He steals everything of value that you have. He will even steal your laundry money and takes money out of your purse. He says the electronics you buy are broken but he takes them to sell.

    • My sister is dating him right now, can you give my sister a call and tell her about him, we think the same thing but she wont listen, 810-533-1230

    • I cant call. But I just want to say he will promise you what them both after a short time and expected me to support him while he got his act together. He has been in jail for drugs and unpaid child support. He also has another daughter by another woman. So he is 25 with 5 kids and cant support them, but he states he loves them. I think he loves the idea of having the kids but is unable to support them. He is just a little selfish boy who wont grow up. He thinks he will be a rapper/hiphop singing star. He is a player and good at using women for what he wants. He doesnt know how to be faithful pr even think of the needs of others.

    • he is a liar and a cheat. He has 5 kids and they are all 4 and under. He has 4 kids with jessica bell who he swears he hates and thinks shes retarded, but he stll goes back to her and has more kids. He will still anything he can sell, jewelry, electronics he even stole my car keys and address book. He borrows things and never brings them back.. He still lives with his mother. He swears he will be a rapper/hiphop star, but he never gives you any concrete prooof that he is doing that. He will be there for a while and then dissapear, only coming back when he needs more money. His a cumpulsive liar and cheat. Unfortunately he can be very charming. He once told me his mother died and shes alive. He also told him his aunt who was a surgeon was murdered a couple years ago and the murderer ended up dead. He is eratic and sneaky. He stole things that I will never be able to replace. Things my grand parents gave me. He stole my movie collection that has taken years to collect. He also an avid porn addict, goes to strip clubs all the time. know I sound bittter but I am actually not. I do regret the things he took from me…. but I am not letting it get to me to much.

    • regret the things he took from me…. but I am not letting it get to me to much. I just hope your daughter learns something from this. I just want to save someone the grief and pain if being used by a selfish, spoiled child.

  2. im dating him now….. he seems like a really nice guy! told me about all his kids and that he lives with his mom. has not lied 2 me… ppl change! He hasnt took anything or asked for anything from me!

  3. That's funny ur with him now I was with him for 3 yrs up until 6 months ago he still calls all the time tho. Glad to c I made the right decision cuz I'm happier now than I've ever been in my life!!! Good luck to those who try 2 b with him!

  4. It's funny how u guys on here saying ur so happy an stuff but ur on google typing his name up u guys r so stupid if ur that happy y are u still looking him up an making comments bout him it's because ur losers whose just mad he's not with u anymore and anybody with common sense sees right threw the bs u commenting at 1am in the morning obvisiouly he's on ur mind badly enough 2 mention him an think bout him cuz I'm pretty sure he isn't thinking bout none of you so here's a hint next time u decide 2 lie on someone an claim ur so happy an just trying 2 warn someone make sure ur lie is convincing cuz only a fool would say there happy an just tryna warn others bout someone but ur still talking bout him you idiots lmao

  5. First off I wanna say I'm very flattered 2 have no good women talking about me an saying lies about me an 2 also say Michelle Enos I will be suing you for deflamation of character for this site now usually I wouldnt even speak on Something this pathetic but I will say this Michelle u and I were never a couple u were just an older lady who wanted some young company in your life an I gave u that an yes u did give me money when I didn't have a job but u did not take care of me an I stop dealing with u cuz u were put in a psych ward an u tried killing yourself so u making this site doesn't surprise me an its on record with u going 2 the nut house an u tryna kill yourself but like I said I will be suing you for this site against my character now Alana smh were do I begin 2 make a long story short Your a 30 yr old woman who has nothing going for her self I think u need u 2 focus on getting your life together before u try 2 say stuff bout me cuz u no u don't want any problems with me an u said ima not a good bf u right ima great bf now ur a horrible gf this girl will sleep with ur friends an loves 2 do cocaine an party and steal from her older brother Brian and is currently dating Denzel Blackmon who is a convicted felon an who steals an does absolutely nothing with his life as well an u can google him on Ottis as well 2 now as for you 2 LOSERS wasting ur time my gf soon 2 be wife knows everything about me and my family an she is part of my family as well so u should seek help cuz I didn't want either of u wanna cry wolf an I'm fine with that cuz my life is great so I appreciate the lies


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