I’m madder than a polar bear in a sauna bath! So now it turns out that “global warming” thing is a bigger scam than we thought.
A bunch of those science big shots just fessed up that their thing about the Arctic melting was something they stole out of an old magazine article!
Some guy at the UN read a beat up Time magazine in the doctor’s waiting room and thought, hey, this’ll help us scam the world for trillions of dollars! He probably even swiped the magazine when he left – those UN guys are such lowlifes!
It’s a good thing he wasn’t reading old Reader’s Digests or right now, kids would be forced to watch a movie called “An Incontinent Truth” and we’d all be wearing overpriced, organic adult diapers!
Now it can be told: Al Gore actually tried to use a bunch of Weekly World News stories in his stupid movie, too, but we told him to get lost.  We didn’t want Bat Boy and Bigfoot’s reputations messed up by being associated with that fat lying loser!
The other good news is that commie pinko radio station Air America finally went bankrupt. I know what you’re thinking: Ed, there was a commie pinko radio station?
But that’s the problem: nobody even knew it existed. Who wants to hear a bunch of left wingers screaming for 10 hours a day when they can hear a bunch of right wingers doing the same thing, only better.
And that fellow Rachel Madcow and the other ones had already gotten real jobs so there was nobody left to run the station, let alone listen to it.
I tell you: America is just getting better all the time! It’s at the point I can cut back on using my oxygen tank to get through another day!
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