You can protect your child from evil supernatural forces by following the advice of a top expert in the paranormal.
“Children face a tremendous risk from unseen malevolent beings,” says respected psychic researcher Joanne Pilsner. “Their open, imaginative minds put them in close contact with the Other Side – and their innocence makes them easy prey.
“It’s important for parents to recognize the warning signs and be prepared to take swift, appropriate action.”
Here, from the expert, are the six forms of unnatural evil most likely to affect your child, and how to combat them:
SINISTER IMAGINARY FRIENDS. Some “invisible playmates” are actually ghosts, researchers have found. “Quiz your child about the unseen pal,” suggests New York City-based Miss Pilsner. “Ask if the ‘friend’ talks about having hurt people in the past or encourages your child to do dangerous things. If so, firmly tell the youngster he or she can’t play with the spirit anymore.”
POSSESSED TOYS. Minor demons often get close to children by inhabiting their playthings. Keep a watchful eye on toys and note if they refuse to stay put, or do things – such as talk – that are not mentioned on the box they came in.
Realistic baby dolls are the most frequently possessed, and Slinkys among the least, said Miss Pilsner. “Throw out any toys which appear possessed.”
HAUNTED BEDROOM. If your child constantly has nightmares or complains about a “bogeyman” in the closet, watch out: There may actually be an evil entity stalking the tot. If the child fears his own room, but sleeps normally at the homes of friends and relatives, have a minister bless the room.
“It’s also important to teach your child to use his own innate psychic abilities to shield himself from evil,” says the expert. “Tell the child to draw with his finger an invisible ‘force field’ that monsters can’t cross. It can really work!”
POLTERGEISTS. If accidents often occur around your child, with objects breaking every day, this is a sign of poltergeist activity.
Most poltergeists are harmless, and their influence generally fades after the child passes through puberty. Placing sea salt in the corners of each room tends to subdue bad ones.
DEMONIC POSSESSION. Never allow children to play with occult items such as Ouija boards – they may unwittingly invite a demon into your home. Episodes of violent rage and harming animals are common signs of demonic possession. If you are suspicious, confront your child with a crucifix. If the youngster hisses and tries to flee, contact a clergyman to arrange an exorcism.
HEXES. If your child suffers frequent unexplained sickness, this is a sign a practitioner of witchcraft has placed a hex on your family. If you suspect a neighbor, ask whether you have offended the person and what you can do to make amends. Said Miss Pilsner, “Once you’ve made amends, most witches will remove the hex.”

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  1. I Have a Shirt That Says it all: "My Imagineary Friend Thinks I Have Mental Preoblems"
    Also they forgot to mention a Obsesive facination with: Heavy Metal Music, Horror Movies, Teletubbies, and Elmo from Seseme Street

  2. The existence of demons is greatly exadurated to the point of fiction. This is purely a religious manifestation (belief) with no supporting data.
    Possession of an inanimate also has no supporting data.
    As to ghosts and spirits there is an overwhelming amount of supporting available.

  3. I have had doors close done fly and felt presences since I was young now I am 21 it gets worse when I have kids my oldest n youngest daughter both have awaken out there sleep crying at night with fear but they were both babies what can I do to stop it n what is causing this

  4. Growing up I had dealing with a Poltergeist when I was about 12. It liked to bother me at around 1am in the morning. I started sleeping with a flashlight and a water pistol. Inside this water pistol was blessed water from our church. Holy Water would stop bed shaking when sprayed under the bed and drive off the sense of a invisible enitity that could be felt. I started placing blessed items like a crucifix under my bed and a blessed rosary under my mattress and salt in the corners of the room. This did not stop the activity completely but it did seem to cause it to want to leave my room and go elsewhere in the house. Such things are real and are not simple PK issues – the Poltergeist is very independent and not simply a spin – -off the victims mind. Fortunately, such things usually end in about 6 months and such was the case with my experience. Generally, the Poltergeist appears to have a right to be there for some limited period of time which is why it is hard for a priest to drive them out. This does not mean fighting back is useless, just that you are not going to destroy them or deny their right to persecute and try one for a matter of weeks to months.


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