I’m madder than a hippie with a busted bong! Everywhere I look, I hear about how they want to make marijuana legal!
All my life I heard smoking that stuff made you a shiftless degenerate – and now the government wants to hand it out free to everybody!
It won’t really be “free,” of course – you and I are the ones paying for it. We have to work two or three jobs and cough up half our dough, so these lazy dope fiends can have their wild crazy parties and eat corn chips all day in their underpants!
My grandson heard at college that the Founding Fathers all grew that pot stuff, but you can’t convince me. If that was true, wouldn’t all their slaves have been laying around all day instead of picking cotton? How is that even “slavery” — it sounds more like “Saturday night”!
If the Founding Fathers were all stoned, Betsy Ross would’ve made a tie-die flag.  George Washington would’ve sat around giggling instead of crossing the Delaware.
The Declaration of Independence would’ve been crappy lyrics to a weird song about flowers and unicorns and how much they loved the King. And that Boston Tea Party would’ve been a whole different thing altogether!
If the government is gonna turn around and make all the “bad” things not just “good, but legal and FREE fifty years later, then just wait: in 2050, they’ll set up Free Cheeseburger Clinics and hand out french fries instead of needles.
But will old farts like me every get to make our own booze without getting in trouble, or get handed government cigars? Ha! We, the law-abiding citizens of the U. S. of A., get nothing but the shaft!
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16 thoughts on “ED ANGER: "AMERICA'S GONE TO POT!"”

  1. Go ahead and brew the moonshine you old fart (just make sure to spice it). I'll bring the bong. You bring the wood I'll bring the fire. Make sure there are lots of cheeseburgers for the party.

  2. You're a moron. It's a historical fact that the founding fathers grew hemp… and if you weren't such a blithering fool you'd know the difference between marijuana and hemp. One is a drug… the other isn't.
    And what is all this talk about "free"… nothing about decriminalization or legalization includes a caveat stating that cannabis will be given away or provided to "lazy dope fiends in their underpants."
    And why are you so angry about pot. Tobacco and alcohol are legally killing more people in our country that just about ANYTHING else. Pot has never killed a single solitary person. A logical mind could end the discussion there but that would leave out: medicinal use, economic stimulus, crime reduction, reduction of incarcerated Americans, decreased burden on rehabilitation services, etc.

  3. Ed doesn't have a point, if he actually researched the effects of THC/canniboids much less the practicality of cannabis when it comes to textiles … then he may get somewhere with his rant. Sounds to me that Ed has never experienced marijuana in any form… relating it to tie-dye and corn chips??? WTF? The majority of individuals who would partake in the legalization of marijuana would be adults… who have jobs… and families… AKA normal lives… just like Mr. Ed. The fact that an enormous amount of tax revenue would be created makes legalization a good idea. Think of the jobs that could be created. How about the idea of spending your money on an American product…. be it clothing, oils, bio-fuel, paraphernalia or plain ol' weed. Half of the prison population would be back to living their lives because they got busted for some weed… there's some tax dollar savings right there. Just because someone likes to wind down with a joint or ease their pain(s) does not make them a criminal….. BTW Ed… if you wanna make your own booze move to Missouri. Jackass.

  4. Smoking Cigarettes portrayed as evil f unlimited. Its users as Typhoid Marys forced into herds to smoke. Shunned or fined.
    Smoking Pot is now Okay. The users are pictured as normal smiley victims of authoritarianism. No restrictions where they smoke. The irony could not be sweeter.
    The Neon-Puritans as usual being the faddish Marxists they are.
    Will never see how cross wired their brains are.
    Up will always be down to the eternal busybody.

  5. I thought it WAS legal to brew your own whisky! I been makin orange brandy for years, and never had any legal problems.
    And you say they made pot illegal too? Oh, man, I better watch out! I mean, with the feds on the case, us smokers don't stand a chance!
    Thank you for the highly informative post, Mr Anger. You've made me pig-biting mad!

  6. This is troubling news Ed, perhaps in the elections of 2010 those that aren't stoned out of their minds will go to the polls to turn this country around, save us from liberal socialism – vote out a democrat.

  7. Pot legalization will absolutely happen, with the government in debt they can't keep raising taxes, what they need is a new form of tax revenue. Alcohol is the only true legal drug sold for personal use and it does more bodily harm then any illegal drug. Drugs are out there people get them, why make the cartel's and gang's rich selling it. The government should profit from its sales. Prohibition didn't work for alcohol and it really won't work for anything that is currently illegal.

  8. The difference amid recreational consumption and medical employment of marijuana begs to be recognized. Although I think that a responsible adult should have the right to use marijuana recreationally, I do believe, without doubt, allowing a sick person use of a plant with a long history of medical value should be accepted and legal. Marijuana has a great potential as a medication and more awareness and tolerance is needed. In Summary, legalize it!


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