The way you carry cash reveals much about your personality type, a top psychologist says!
Here are some common ways of keeping money and what they actually reveal about an individual’s psychological make-up:
Close up to the body. “Some people carry their folding money in a money belt hidden somewhere,” said Dr. Walter Mitchell.
“These people hoard all their precious assets and are cautious about personal relationships.”
Loose in a pocket or purse. “These people feel they have more important things to do than count their money. They are happiest when they are acting independently.”
Fastened in a money clip. “Money-clippers think of money as easy to earn and when they decide they need more, they’ll work overtime, take a second job or invest.”
Paper money that is mixed with change. “These people are extremely social-minded. They prefer variety in their lives, and they would rather chat with friends than take time to balance their checkbooks.”
Paper money stashed in two or three pockets. “Such individuals plan ahead for problems, and always have contingency plans.”
One hidden large-denomination bill. “These people want to be self-sufficient at all costs. They resist unsolicited advice, spend time alone and are determined to be under no obligation to anyone.”
In a wallet, neatly arranged by denominations. “People who keep their money filed are intellectual hard workers. They find it difficult to understand people who drift through life without direction or purpose.”
In a wallet with absolutely no order. “These people rely on intuition and are easily moved to compassion by people in sorry circumstances.”
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