I’m madder than a cheerleader with a busted pom-pom!
So now Rush Limbaugh can’t buy a football team because some commies made up stories about him!
I don’t get why you have to make up stories about the guy anyhow. He’s been married three times and hooked on hillbilly pills and once he even tried to eat half of Rhode Island – but that’s not bad enough?
Nope, cuz in the NFL, that stuff just makes him normal. Between the football players on drugs and the ones that kill dogs, the whole bunch of them are stupid, stoned, violent and crazy.
But the way they talk about Rush, you’d think he was O.J. Simpson!
It’s pretty rich hearing Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson yelling at Rush, too. Those two guys are no better Billy Mays and the Sham Wow guy, but they sell b.s. instead of Ginsu Knives. And hell, those damn knives worked pretty good too!
The difference is, Al and Jesse don’t have to buy time on tv – idiot reporters put them on for nothing.
Trouble is: nobody who likes Rush wants to give up their tv football or pricey jerseys or their tailgating parties to get back at the League. They’re still gonna paint half their faces orange and hand their cash over to the bad guys.
Next time Rush should try to buy Hollywood or the New York Times or something his fans don’t care about! Those things lie too but nobody notices anymore.
Me? I’m just scared Glenn Beck might try to buy up Dunkin’ Donuts!

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3 thoughts on “ED ANGER SAYS: "SUE, RUSH, SUE!"”

  1. 'We the fans'?
    I take it that you've evidence that 'the fans' were opposed as a group to Mr Limbaugh investing in NFL then?
    Or are you just expressing your personal prejudices and trying to pass them off as wider opinion?

  2. Other than Chri Ivey, WHAT THE EFF ARE THEY COMMENTING ON? I had to read Ed's rant twice and still don't see where these two guys have come up with anything to do about the article. Rush was vilified by those who dislike him not for any other reason (I can't stand Rush but this is America where we supposed to be free of discrimination because we now have a black president, a mexican chick on the supreme court and a dike running homeland security) COME ON!


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