CHARLESTON, WV – Meghan McCain has come under fire for releasing racy photos of herself on Twitter.  Bat Boy has vowed revenge on her detractors.
Since posting a picture of herself in a low cut tank top, Meghan McCain has been the center of much unwanted attention.  Her Twitter account has been barraged by people who criticized the suggestive nature of the photo and her for posting it.  McCain has since recoiled, and threatened to delete her Twitter account all together.
Bat Boy has vowed to go after McCain’s critics, so long as she keeps her Twitter account open.  America’s favorite mutant, Bat Boy, has had a crush on Ms. McCain since she first entered the national spotlight.  Now with her honor in question he will rise up to defend his beloved.
According to sources, Bat Boy has been creating new Twitter accounts and email addresses to harrass anyone who has made negative comments about her.  For the past several days he has been at his local West Virginia public library, where he goes to use a computer, from opening to close.
Twitter users who criticized McCain have reported a series of scathing comments left on their pages.  Bloggers and news agencies have received dozens of hot tempered emails from accounts named “Random_Person” or “Gnat-Boy” or “Daniel-San.”  Research into library records shows Bat Boy has rented “The Karate Kid part II” and “The Princess Bride” 312 times total.
Meghan McCain has yet to comment on Bat Boy’s involvement, or whether she’ll maintain her Twitter account.  The constant flow of Twitter updates is what Bat Boy has used to feel close to his longtime crush, and without it he may become a lovesick mutant boy.  If that is the case, our hearts go out to you Bat Boy.

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  1. Ms. Meghan McCain's picture is not too controversial at all. The picture simply shows an attractive woman with an ample bosom. The negative comments are overkill. SG.


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