I’m madder a cow with a burned behind!
Does anybody think it’s crazy that the Communist in Chief is the only President in the history of America that has his own personal logo?
I just saw a picture on the computer machine of a White House butler whose job it is to keep the Teleprompter Kid’s personal basketballs blown up – and these basketballs have that red, white and blue letter “O” on them!
Everywhere I look, there’s that stupid letter “O”. Who thought up that girly, swirly “wave” thing, anyhow? It looks like it belongs on a candybar wrapper! Is this America or a soda pop factory?
We already have a flag and a Presidential seal with a big angry eagle or something on it, but I guess Old Glory and a giant pissed off bird with arrows in his claws just aren’t good enough for the great Obama!
I don’t get it: when a big athlete joins a team, he usually wears THEIR logos – they don’t wear HIS!
Did JFK have monogrammed condoms? Did Nixon have his own brand of tape recorders? Not even that commie pinko Roosevelt stuck giant letter “R”s on everything that didn’t move!
And who’s paying for all this junk? We are, America! The government stole half your money and used it to buy Obama stuff with his initials all over it, like my teenage granddaughter has!
Well, I’ve got a letter of my own: an “X” – and I can’t wait to use it to vote this guy out of office!

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5 thoughts on “ED ANGER SAYS: LOGOS MUST GO-GO!”

  1. "Everywhere I look, there’s that stupid letter “O”. Who thought up that girly, swirly “wave” thing, anyhow?"
    Well he throws like a girl he may as well have a girlie Logo

  2. Oh noes! not a logo! What will we ever do? Lord knows I hate to be reminded that the majority of voting Americans wanted him in office. I mean, everyone else at least had the decency to cover up their "W" bumper stickers after 2004.


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