If you life seems to be one tragedy after another, it could be because someone has put a curse on you from beyond the grave!
That’s the startling revelation of famed psychic Dr. Andy Reiss who says the departed spirits of cruel people have the power to bring unhappiness, pain, illness and financial ruin to the living.
“If someone didn’t like you while they were alive, it’s very likely that they’ll carry that grudge to the grave with them,” says Dr. Reiss.
“Their resentments keep their souls earthbound, unable to move to the higher plane of existence in the afterlife. And if they think you wronged them, they’ll often take their frustrations out on you.”
But the good news is that you can break those evil spells and bring happiness back to your life by following this simple formula, given exclusively to Weekly World News by the noted Californian metaphysician whose psychic gifts have helped thousands lead happy and successful lives.
“The first step in getting relief is recognizing that someone is bringing you bad luck or poor health,” Dr. Reiss says.
“Are you tired and miserable most of the time even though you’ve done nothing to wear yourself out? Is your money situation going from bad to worse, even though you’re doing everything you can to succeed? Is your health failing? If so, think back and try to remember: Did these problems start right around the time when someone who disliked you died?
“If they did, it may well be that this person is reaching across the barrier between life and death – sapping your energy, jinxing your finances and working evil on your body by making you sick.”
You can be free of the curse in three nights by doing these easy but important things.
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98 thoughts on “HOW TO TELL IF YOU'RE CURSED”

  1. what if someone has sent you a spirit and you, in that case you would not know the name. How could someone free themselves from it?

  2. Funny how you see all these post about all this being crap..BUT they still come here everyday and ready this "crap" …Priceless inst it..

  3. Personally, I don't believe in curses but I know that other people do so hey, I say each to their own. Just love some of the posts that were made, especially the one about Obama. Go Whoaman, you are on the right track.

  4. Can people be cursed form childhood?
    I know someone whos life has been one bad thing after another happen to them from the time they were a child..
    This person is a relative of mine and Ive know this person all of my life.
    This person is one of 8 childeren and is the only child whos parents were never married and was put in instatutions of one kind or the other from age 7 untill 14 or 15.
    This person was molested, beat and abused in many ways.
    This person has never successed at anything and has been injured severly at work and can not find employment now no matter how much they have tried.
    This person was married and has one child from that marriage and has another from another relationship.
    This person has nothing as far as material possessions and few friends.
    How dose someone find out if this could be a curse?
    Thank You

  5. I dont know if there are really curses or if people can really place a curse on someone.
    But I would like to find some creditable sorce to find out for sure.

  6. Having practiced black magik and Devil worship ( no actual sacrifices) I used to be making great money and I have so many opportunities to make money, I eventually went to school to get my degree. I grew out of that stage and thought it to be BS i regained my faith in God and now life sucks, I live out of a van, have no money or the opportunity to make any decent amount…sometimes I wonder and it seems almost to a precise moment that I lost everything it coincided with when I stopped the black magik mess. So could it be just luck, I dont know, I am much more educated and professional now and the only difference is I don't do that mess anymore. If I am cursed then life here is short, when I leave this body I'll rip to shreds any "spirit" that gave me a hard time here on earth i suppose, but who really has a clue what to do and what to make of any of this.

    • Remember since you regained your faith in God, then God will take care of the rest. What did you do wrong? nothing, except, I think you must of forgot to ask "God to take care of it. " What are you waiting for. Once you ask him, then thank him for answering your prayer. Have faith and believe in the power of prayer. If you don't do this my friend, then your life will only get stale. You see the path you chose has many opticals to make you disbelieve it can be this simple. Don't ever underestimate the power of prayer, and remember God works in mysterious ways. He's trying to work for you, if you let him. Believe me I would not be alive today, and as successful as I am if I did not believe in what I am telling you. Hope to hear good things Mike. I have never done this before, but I had a force driven to reply to Mike. Please keep updated.

  7. i wish someone would put a hex or curse on my brothers –one took me for 50.000 dollars –the other one beat me up and im went to jail–cuz i was on his land –anyone that see's this and can help me hex these fkr's my email is hutch1993@yahoo.com——————
    thank you

    • Do no harm to anyone. If someone harms you forgive them. You learn by example. When the person dies he/she will have to answer to her/his convictions to his/her Creator. They will feel the pain that they caused you.

  8. my life suck.. i have no money,my older son hate me, i have no job cuz my health is bad never was married or had along term relationship,way to many bills,i have no family and no friends

    • I feel the same way. I have many "friends" and family, yet I feel unloved. NO ONE calls me unless it's to their own benefit. I admit I'm no saint. But, I wish even my enemies well. I try to be a white light energy. But darkness surrounds me. It seems the more I love people, the worse they treat me. HOWEVER, I still strive to be a positive energy. For example, I was abused as a child. Instead of reacting in a negative way. I strive to treat children as best I can. I strive to be a negative energy policewoman. I may not be able to stop it. But I certainly refuse to contribute to it. I believe that even though I am a sinner and make so many mistakes, God knows my heart. One day, He will give me rest from everything I have endured. Suggestion: Instead of fighting for yourself, accept your pain and suffering. Fight for someone else's hardships. Read Matthew 6:25-34 and as much of the rest of the bible as you can. The love of my life told me he never wants to see me again 24 hours ago. As a result, I'm concerned with helpin you right now. God bless you!

  9. i need help ever since i was a child i have bad luck. my mother and i had a very strained and arguementive relationship since i was 11 yrs old. Im 24 yrs old now and have a 5 yrs old daugther, pregnant 3 months now and homeless with no education , no job , and have no family member that would help me….. i really feel like someone put a hex on me because iam a very on going person…..
    P.S. i dont know who put the hex on me but i would love to know if there a way to remove it w/o knowin who put it on you..

  10. everytime things go good for me they fall apart infront of me…i know im curesed…who did this to me i dont konw…i just want to make a good life for me and my kids….how do i make them leave me alone so i can fullfill my dreams….

    • Smudge out all evil from your home. Go online and look up smudging for evil spirits. I smudged my home today. I feel great tonight. Blessings.

  11. To marc c
    You should not take being cursed as a joke! Curse is a fact and anyone can fall under it.
    It doesn't have to be from the moment someone who didn't like us died, or from birth. It can happen at any time in our lives. When every thing start to go wrong, is almost imposible to make any friends, get a good job and oportunities, and general bad luck, is when one feels cursed.
    In my case, since I moved to this town, four years ago, everything started to go wrong, can't archive absolutely nothing at all, and I am not blaming the house, I just think the negative energy of the town I moved to, has cursed me, if that makes any sense to anyone…

  12. i think i am cursed because my life is a living hell, i have been attatcked, hopeless and sick within 2 years…now i am having skin problems, i am loosing my hair and getting big acnes around all of my body, before around 7 years ago i was alright happy and i used to lead normal life, but now i seriously cant cope i have thought about suicide so many times, i dont have family or friends i am so alone no boyfriend nothing i dont have anything no job either no money…..i just dont understand how life can be so bad, i

    • Please dont go to suicide. Please. I know things seem really really bad and I know I will be made fun of but when I was in the 5/6th grade I truly believe a curse was placed on me by a family member. A light went through my right scapula area of my back and shot out the left a few years later not long at all I started haveing back problems. I am now 37. I have had 7 back surgeries and need another one along with neck surgery. My C-2 joint is screwd up which caused severe migranes so bad I have to actually sit and find reasons not to put a bullet through my head. I go through this a lot although I would never actually hurt myself or anyone heck I cant even hunt. lol….i just target practice. but what I am getting at no matter what direction you go please do not take your own life. There are more people that care about you then what you think……..I am no trying to sound like a Bible thumper but find God ask him to prove to you he is real, ASK HIM INTO YOUR LIFE!!!!! I promise you he will NEVER turn his back. That does not mean your life will be pefect all of us have our own issues in life we are to deal with. You are not alone I PROMISE YOU.

    • Oh, I left out it is a tumor in my right scapula area and the doctors cannot get it all still to this day so they go in every few years and cut as much out as they can. That was what the light that went through my body was about or what I was getting at. That is just tip, I have an ex husband and his crazy new wife trying to sole custody of my 9 year old they have lied their attorney has lied, to top it off my current husbando f over 5 years baby mama has given a copy of my husbands court papers to my ex husbands wife….how screwd up is that?and she wont let him see his own daughter but telling lies about us. I feel the world is against us right now and we have done NOTHING WRONG.

    • Learn Pranic Healing. Energise your emotional body and increase your resistance to the -ve energy.It has worked for me.

  13. Hi there. I mean absolutly no derespect at all but what if your a good person and truly try to do what is right and still get crapped on? Do you think it could be a generation curse? I am just wondering about my life and what were going through…….I would NEVER hurt another on purpose and that is the truth. Sometimes I wonder why I am here like Im useless space just taking up population. If so, what do you know what you can do to try and break a generation curse? Have a good night.

  14. People look at my life in amazement. I have MS, I have a 23yr old with a disability, a 20yr old father to pass away when he was 5yrs old, a 14yr old that has cancer, a 10yr old with type1 diabetes.and a Baby girl that passed away in 1995. Whatever this is, I will always beieve that GOD is still in Control. Its been allowed but not won. Glory be to GOD

  15. i never believed in curses, or the supernatural, but my looking back at my whole life, i wonder sometimes. if i was cursed with anything, it was my genes. my genes have led to my never ending sadness, dissapointment, and failure. if i was cursed, it had to have been from birth. sometimes, i don't think this can be changed, sometimes i just think its my fate to live a sad, lonely, and meaningless life.

  16. my father practiced black magic when i was a child and ever since then i have felt a distance from what is normal, everything in my life has been bad and now carrrying on over to the ones i love the deepest, where does this come from, am i paranoid or am i suppose to even be here at all

    • I suggest you search up Derek Prince (brilliant bibelteacher) at youtube Release from the curse. you can also order his book blessings or curses you can choose. If you feel attacked by evil, surrond yourself with the blood of Jesus Christ, follow his word and get to know him. Anyone who are under satanic attack should do this. It helped me a lot. I was in the occult, that gives curses as it is to eat out of satan's lies. Now I build my life on God's word the best I can. I have experienced that God's word is the truth and to follow it is at it says; to build on mountain.

  17. For all who think you are cursed. I suugest you search up "How to pass from curse to blessing by Derek Prince" at youtube. It helped me clean out what I needed to clean out and change what I needed to change. Wish you all the best.

  18. i cant keep my salon running, for 9 years i have had to stop working on an off because there always seems to be an issue with ppl oe person which causes me to close my business. i feel like its deffinately a curse or something, also i cant get on with women there is always an issue somewhere along the line. im told that its jealousy, but i have had ongoing issues where ppl are sooooo cruel to me an say the most nasty things. and its actually destroying me and im constantly depressed. to me its not right i feel there is something wrong.what do i do

  19. I spent most of middle school making fun of a poor kid and his family who were from Haiti. this was in the mid 90's he said something to me in creole and as an adult my life has been terrible. can't keep a job, went to college and graduated. lost my house, tons of bad stuff in the mean time. he is not dead but ii want to try this anyways

  20. i think I'm cursed because I never had a boyfriend. It's like I can't seem to find anyone who likes me, during my 7th grade year in middle school I didn't want to play with toys anymore because I was getting to the age of wanting a boyfriend you know. But anyways never had no luck, than when I got in high school I still couldn't find know one who wanted me. Now I'm out of school and I'm still trying to find a boyfriend. And every boy I try to talk to they'll be gay or they just want like me which is strange because I'm not ugly. My friends think I'm gay but I'm not I told one of my friends that I think I'm cursed and she looked at me like I was crazy and laughed. I'll definetly be going to New Orleans to talk to a which to see why I can't find anybody.

  21. man its been very crazy for me i tried everything , i feel like im cursed at times because i meet a girl and next thing i know i cant keep her i dont no whats going on bad luck ? or cursed.

  22. An artist curse is to feel everything so deeply,
    Try to organize the emotion and vent in a positive way.
    Seems we always have to b unhappy to b able to
    Write poetry or create beautiful art.
    Feeling sometimes feels like a curse.
    I once heard shallow people enjoy life.
    Taking everything to heart and living too deep can b
    Extremely painful

  23. I think I have been cursed because although I come from an influential family that owns big businesses and has top government positions with a legacy of important ancestors in the arab country I live in, I got no proper jobs and failed relations with women. I did my best to get a good career and the woman I love but always things get screwed up for me and now at the age of 31, it seems things are getting better like I also felt when I got a good position 6 years ago in real estate only to find out it was a bogus job and now I work in diplomacy and I am mistreated again this time mostly by work interfering in my private life. What should I do?

    • Saeed,
      I know this post was written almost ten years ago, but I wanted to answer. Coming from someone who feels that have not done anything special, as far as careers are concern, not for lack of trying and I really feel cursed. I recently took a course online, that was required and job related, while vacationing in an other state. Oddly enough, there was a power outage that affected over 1,500 households on that day, including my location. I loss connection with my Zoom class and had to explain in front of the next class why I ditched class. I almost did not get full credit for the class. Things like that happens to me frequently, I am often stressed out.

      You sound blessed to me, I think you have a very high expectations for yourself. There is nothing wrong with that, as long as you take time to enjoy yourself along the way. Celebrate you achievements, as long as it is positive. It does not have to be huge. About your job, only you can figure out what to do about you job crossing their boundaries. More than likely, you are probably in a different job setting now.
      Best wishes,

  24. I think I'm cursed because I'm so indecisive in life. I can't get a good job and the ones I do get offered from I turn down even though I really need the money and I end up regretting it. I'm 27 years old still living at home with a useless bachelors degree to which I barely graduated and at one point I was kicked out of the university for poor grades. I'm so worried about money, time, age, etc that it's killing me slowly. I don't understand why this is happening to me and yet I know that there are others out there who are in worse shape than I am. I do feel like suicide is the only way out. I have no friends no girlfriend; I'm a pure loner who is also a loser. I don't think I have done anybody wrong so I cannot explain this curse.

    • something tellsme im cursed ever since i was 17 years old iv been haven nightmares of being killd strangled hit by car and more . november 8 2008 i was 18 at da time.. i had woke up from a drream that morning . i couldnt remember much but only dat i was laying on da concreat….. 1 a.m. i was with family .something in my mind was telling me to walk to store and buy ciggarrets knowing i had sum already …so i left on i bought tha ciggs on my way back b4 i know acar hits me breaking both leggs ..i got better but life was just getting worse. im 22 now im single parent with one child…and iv got worser and worse. nomatter how much i try or help or do da best that i cann sumthing pulls me down hard …an harder sometmes i dnt even sleep cause a feelin inside is killing me of sadness loosing it all lil by lil

    • im the same age as you and i feel the same. its seem like things are going down hill for me too. te only difference is even though i am a loner and have been iam in a 6 year relationship with my boyfriend which is my first and its awfull and i cant get out of it i love him and wish the best for him but it was doomed from the start. as like you i worry all the time about money, family,ect. and thought about and think about suicide all the time. but i try to stick in there in hopes it will get better so i hope you stick in there i feel your pain and i hope it gets better for you….

    • In reply to Brand…
      First of all greetings from South Wales,UK..Wanna start off by saying that i never usually reply or sign up to any websites or even believe in curses,religion,deity's etc etc but after years of dismal and uncanny misfortune on my behalf (also affecting my immediate family) ive finally had enough and 20minutes ago decided to search anything involving Hex's,Curses etc. This was the first website i clicked on and was just about to leave as i feel "bloody stupid at 31yo and with absolutley no belief in anything supernatural" but just before i did, i glanced down on your artical and decided to read. What struck me was the way you described yourself as "indecisive in life". I swear your problems practically mirror mine!! in fact your article may aswell be bloody written by me!!.

    • continued……….TRUST ME you are far from being a loser and dont even think about suicide, your a decent sounding guy and remind me of myself…and yes i do have problem after problem AND DESPERATLY WANT THEM TO STOP but this much i do know….we are still decent human beings and dont deserve that!!! I hope reading this as made u feel at least a little bit better? Your not alone!!!..take it easy friend πŸ™‚

    • In reply to Brand…
      First of all greetings from South Wales,UK..Wanna start off by saying that i never usually reply or sign up to any websites or even believe in curses,religion,deity's etc etc but after years of dismal and uncanny misfortune on my behalf (also affecting my immediate family) ive finally had enough and 20minutes ago decided to search anything involving Hex's,Curses etc. This was the first website i clicked on and was just about to leave as i feel "bloody stupid at 31yo and with absolutley no belief in anything supernatural" but just before i did, i glanced down on your artical and decided to read. What struck me was the way you described yourself as "indecisive in life". I swear your problems practically mirror mine!! in fact your article may aswell be bloody written by me!!….continued below…..

    • part 2 continued…. There are a few differences, mainly personnal and the fact you have a bachelors degree (over here they are called GCSE's/qualifications etc πŸ™‚ ) but joking aside i really feel for you mate!! My problems really started to get severe 6yrs back starting with my mother suddenly passing away on a new years day of all days, i was extremely close to my mum and it devastated me to the point that to this day i hate christmas/new year. 18months or so later i broke up with my long term girlfriend which dealt me another blow,4 months after this the job i enjoyed and worked nearly 8yrs decided to pack up and relocate. Amazingly 4yrs have past since then and im still in the same situation?!! Its as though there is an invisible wall blocking me from any kind of progress? As you stated not being able to land a job, and when you do get offers for work you just simply "turn them down". If you do end up reading this would like to hear your reasons why you turn them down despite badly needing the money!!…cont in part3

    • part3… Am asking because this is whats become of my life? when i do get job offers i just cant seem to take them even though am so f#####g desperate to get off benefits and carry on with my life something just pushes me back?? Just like to quickly point out to anyone who mentions i might have "Depression/anxiety and i should seek professional help or talk to f#####g Jesus/God or some other made up medieval nonsense etc etc, please dont bother as although i might be down at times i am in no way depressed…ive cried the tears, felt the pain and done all the suffering and am out the other side. Now (and i still feel daft admitting it) i strongly believe that my family name is cursed, something we all joke about sometimes when some random event happens to one of us, as its SO common amongst us it goes beyond any form of coincidence! Trust me, this is me keeping things to a minimum as far too many events to mention. cont…pt4

    • continued..final part….One more thing before i go and being serious again!!..Brand..your not a loser mate, trust me I KNOW LOSERS and just because things are going shit for the likes of you and me…TRUST ME you are far from being a loser and dont even think about suicide, your a decent sounding guy and remind me of myself…and yes i do have problem after problem AND DESPERATLY WANT THEM TO STOP but this much i do know….we are still decent human beings and dont deserve that!!! I hope reading this as made u feel at least a little bit better? Your not alone!!!..take it easy friend πŸ™‚

    • I feel the same way my life hobbies can do nothing right my life just feel like it over even thing gone bad feel like just give up on like call me or text me to see what i can do to get this off of me please

  25. What if you don't know the name of the person that cursed you? Every since I was 19, I am now 51, I have had nothing but bad luck. I have always tried to live like I am suppose to and tried to treat people the way I wanted to be treated but it seems the nicer I am to people the worse it gets. When I think I might get ahead something happens and I fall deeper in debt, I have been homeless, I had a car given to me by my daughter and there was nothing wrong with it but could never get it to pass inspection. I was told it needed an alignment so I payed $300 for an alignment on the way for the the 2nd inspection after I had already had to get the 3 temp tags I was aloud to get and when the inspection came they said I needed to get it aligned and I show them I had just got it done so they sayed that it stalls out which it never did then they said that it doesn't accelerate good which it accelerated great, so I ended up having to sell it to a junk dealer because I was unable to get tags because of the inspection and the guy that bought it said e couldn't understand why they wouldn't pass it, I lost my husband to cancer,my 1 daughter lost her 4 children because she was renting her basement out to people that were doing something with drugs and spent 18 months in jail and all the charges they took her kids for were dropped because the judge said her and her husband did nothing wrong and then CPS lied and told everyone on both sides of the family that if we wanted the kids we would have to get an attorney and because we didn't have $5000's no attorney would help us, I saw my grandkids 4 times after that, The oldest one was placed with her father who my granddaughter told me he was touching her and when I told CPS I was told they didn't care what he did (I think it's because his father used to work for CPS 40 years ago) and then I told his mother that if I had known what was going on I would never have let her go anf then his mother told CPS that I said I was going to take the ids to see their parents while they were in jail which like I told her and them I would never have said that because I wouldn't even mention their names around them and then the people that have the other 3 lied and said that I said it so after all that I haven't got to see or talk to my grandchildren in 2 years and my sister who was the one that did all of this still sees and talks to the oldest one because she has money and I don't. They adopted the 3 youngest out to a 67 and 69 year old couple which CPS told me would never happen. When my daughter finally got out of jail after 18 months ( she spent 18 months in jail which her sentence was only 9 months because she lied to the police about her name). My nephew and his wife had a baby and me and my kids were told we couldn't see the baby and when they were homeless we were the only ones that would help them and when they moved out they left me with a light bell that was over $1000's because the bill went from $117 before they moved in to $274 when they moved in because they refused to help me pay the bills the last 3 months they were here so I have had shut off notice after shut off notice but I was finally getting it caught up and then my brother who was living here and helping me pay bills moved out and now I am back to struggling again and then my daughter who is trying to help, is losing hours at work because they aren't real busy now, my mom gave me money to catch up on the first and said I didn't have to pay her back and now she called and said she wants me to pay her back because she isn't going to have $700 over her bills to play with so that's going to make me short again and I am going to be back in the same boat I was in before. I have noticed that the more of a B***ch and a**hole my family is the better off they are. This is how my life has been for 32 years. IF ANYONE CAN HELP ME PLEASE LET ME KNOW. I stay depressed and cry almost daily.

  26. I believe my curse was inherited through bloodline and that the target was actually my mother. She died last year and her life was a horror story. Crippled at 9 and lived a degrading life. I was her arms and legs and watched as life past me by wondering why we never had a fair shot at life. My story is so bad honestly suicide would be an act of kindness to end the misery and pain. The last two years of my moms life was so ridiculous after decades of pain and agony it was like someone being stabbed a billion times to shreds and then stabbing her a billion times more. I lived it all with her enduring all of it. I've sensed it from childhood that something just wasn't right. I felt my role on earth was to protect her rather than looking out for myself. Thats all I did. It's been a very unfair life. I simply was handed the role of a have not and forced to watch disgusting people live a full healthy productive life lavished with every thing. I have screamed in my heart please God let me be like them. Let me rest in peace and not dealing with constant horror. The last two years have been disgusting. It went from a life of have not to complete collapse. My money was stolen by a corrupt individual. My mother was diagnosed with cancer. The reality was I was losing every thing suddenly with no idea what would happen to me. I have lived in a vortex watching her die knowing soon I will be homeless. Every fear Ive had in life comes true. I feel I've been a chew toy to watch in agony. I was neglected, used, abandoned, and tossed into a level of degradation and poverty that no human should ever had to endure. This last portion has just been over the top. I want out of this hell. My final fear is living on the streets. I'm weeks away from it. Unless this curse is lifted the curse wins. I will take my own life. My entire immediate family is all dead. Death has eaten them up. Now the curse is squarely on me. Every day something out of nowhere yanks me back down to remind me there just will be no hope for me. There can't be a God that would allow all this hell. I'd even serve something evil if it would give me a chance. I'm sick of the nightmares and the suffering.

    • You have to break the curse. Speak to a real psychic medium to speak to your mother on how to break the curse.
      Go to a monk from a budhist temple and tell them your story. Monks have the third eye, ask to make offerings on your behalf to lift the curse. Dont think of suicide it will make them win, the law of attraction, see it in your head and pray to god that good things , success and money will come your way easily.

  27. As I was reading this only one face one name popped in my head. Hard to say but I think it was my grandmother. Like a week before she past was the last time I seen her alive she looked at me with such hate I didn't realized it till this year she disliked me. Why? I'm guessing I was at the happiest time of my life and full of life. She got sick at a early age. Lived and suffered the rest of her life. She died in 08. I was 18 was in love with the most wonderful man I've ever met. Had a great job where I have met him loved where I worked and was happy. Like instantly 2 days after she died I lost my job. I was attending her funeral. 1 week later my abusive ex boyfriend got in contact with me. I left the best thing that happen to me for him. I have no idea what made me do it. When I was already free. 1 year later I got pregnant the what do you know he left me. Came back when baby was born and left me again. Now my baby misses him and calls for him as I have to watch and do my best to keep her happy. So now I am alone jobless, broke as ever, and basically my social life went down hill in 09. No friends literally no friends, not even exadurating. Oh yeah and 2 weeks ago my cat got sick took her to the humane society found out yesterday, she got adopted out. I was like are you kidding me. These past 2 years I tend to get sick very easily. Gained a lot of weight. Oh yeah another thing I am sick I've been sick for the past 2 months I can't hear, I cough constantly, I can't laugh I will choke my face off if I tried to laugh. I can't talk to long I cough a lot. So if that's not being cursed I don't know what is. Come to think of it my baby's father left 2 and a half months ago. An his father is actually into all that Indian medicine stuff. Yep CURSED is the definition of me. Reason why I stopped hanging out with people every time I was with them that night something bad happens. A fight a break-up and I am really the nicest person in the world I am kind I always think of others. Hoping one day my life would be better if I was nice to everyone good karma you know but nope never happens. An my baby's father always has such good luck a good job random money (checks in the mail) good health. I am going to try what this Dr.Riess says. Wish me luck!! Needing someone to talk to I always do add me on fb Nic Lee Quinn. best of luck to you's I am hoping πŸ™‚

  28. If you are not lying,
    I can't actually believe a human is capable of doing such evil things towards another human.
    What kind of cruel person were you? What brought forth your hate towards this person? To eat a toe next to the ear is disgusting.
    Besides that these things you've done are criminal things which would a person in jail for several years in a decent country.
    I would be ashamed of you if you were a family member of mine, I'd send you to see a psychiatrist .

  29. I played the Ouija Board, like a dumbass and thought it was cool. Since February 2011 i have had no relationship and have 10 woman say they just wanna be friends… i've tried to make things work with all of them and it just gets twisted and don't know what is going on. I started playing the Ouija Board around June 2011. I always said a prayer for Jesus to protect us. I have even said the prayer to cast that black magic away from me and made a promise to god i'll never use that kind of stuff ever again and i still can't get a woman. I'm 18. Could it possibly be a curse or a hex? I'm losing my mind.

    • I also played that s**t and also have some unusual things happening all the time, almost as if i have that energy around me all the time..sure its some kind of punishment for messing with the dark side.


  30. I lost my brother,I was criticized for my education,I am 24 nd still not graduated,I got healed from bi polar disorder,I lost my job,I chose a wrong career path,every one hates me,my parents r getting old,my gf left me 2 years back,im unemployed now,my relatives sexually abused me, I have been cheated and my heart has been played so many times,i was also sexually abused when i was a kid, I was condemned as a thief even though i was not guilty..I am now determined not to think about love & marriage nd etc,i have enough reasons to die but I cant bcoz of my parents, I am just waiting for their death nd then I wiil b gone…this life is cursed.and i have never tried to do bad to anyone,rather i am a person who is always ready to help others.MY Life is a curse and its only going to get worse nd i know that,all i want to do now is to make it as better as it could get

    • read Louise Hay's book "You can heal your life" study the principles and you will be healed. The healing process starts with you!

  31. Those instructions to remove a curse are not exactly helpful. I mean how would you know the dead persons name in the first place?

  32. I had a bestfriend i loved her so much i introduced her to one of my friends i noticed they hung out alot things started falling apart innoticed they were both against me next thing you kbow i hear there saying things that arent true i stopped talking to them they would go to my job to order then i got kicked out of my house i had nothing but my job i got accused of stealing money i got fired i have a friend whos the only one there i see his life completely spun out of control trying to help me i mean his money would all go on me he lost his job and i got into a car accident in his car πŸ™ idk why these things r happeneing

  33. I can tell you that these things do happen! My family has experienced a lot of bad luck over the years like financial situations that never seemed to end. I myself haven't been able to find a decent job in the past 3 years and I have a Masters and good work experience. I suspected for awhile that something isn't right because I come from a good family that is well liked and has done a lot of things to help people and the community. It turns out I was right. A person out of jealousy (we suspect its a relative who has caused a lot of problems) sent my family 7-8 years of bad luck and I just found this out through Dr.Paglini who is an experienced psychic and helps many people who have been cursed and hexed. She has recommended some things for my family to do to get rid of it and to protect ourselves! So just be careful because it does happen!!

  34. It's all a load of crap theres no such thing as good or bad luck life is what you make of it do a good deed and you will get it back do a bad one the same you will get a bad turn for example if someone slapped you for no reason you would get mad right? If someone praised you for a good deed you would be happy. It's common sense really

  35. Hi everyone, i have had bad luck too. But some of the stories I hear from some of you makes feel that I want too help as a friend. I keep losing my job too but stay strong. i know exactly how you all feel. I t sucks. I may not be the best person but if I can be that friend I would be happy to talk.

    • it’s okay i’m cursed do you know who i am i’m god i can help you……………….Okay So i know you think im dead but im not im in your house

  36. There is no such thing as cursed. All we need is a strong mindset to deal with our daily problems. In current situation COVID19 is the biggest curse humanity is suffering from.

    • You are a complete idiot! Stfu. You’re a sheeple. No such things as curses? You imbecile go study the occult you f*cking narrow minded idiot! Covid 19 DOESN’T EXIST. YOU BRAINWASHED CLOWN. The global elite satanic worshipping child blood drinking scum that orchestrated this entire thing exist. And they’re enslaving humanity, and you’re already their bitch that believes anything mainstream.

  37. Do no harm to anyone. If someone harms you forgive them. You learn by example. When the person dies he/she will have to answer to her/his convictions to his/her Creator. They will feel the pain that they caused you.

  38. i believe in curses. For some reason. I have always been told there was a curse put on me when i was a baby by someone who was jealous of my family. i dont remember all the details cuz i was a teenager when i was told this. but it makes sense. i just can’t explain it. its like that thing that just pops into the head – you know they’re right.


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