So I heard I bought some of you new cars last week! When do I get a thank you?!
Yeah, I know: you think “the gubmit” gave you a new car, with that Cash for Clunkers thing. Well, who do you think “the gubmit” stole that $4500 from in the first place? Me, and the half of us still stupid enough to pay taxes!
I can’t afford to buy a new car. Know why? Cuz the government took my money and gave it to YOU!
I don’t get it. I read on the computer machine that these “clunker” cars are actually still ok. They don’t run on magical unicorn farts though, so they’re “bad” for the earth! (Even though what could be more natural than OIL that comes out of the ground, I don’t know…)
The law says these perfectly good cars have to get wrecked now, and their still good parts destroyed. How crazy is that?
It’s just what that commie pinko Russian spy FDR did during the Depression. People were starving but he burned crops because… that would help raise prices! And hey, FDR got us out of the Depression, right? OK, it took him ELEVEN YEARS, and then a little something called World War II came along, but remember: he was the Greatest President Ever!!
Nope, the only thing wrong with these “clunker” cars is that they’re…
OLD! And we can’t have shiftless unemployed Americans with no money in the bank and bad credit BEING SEEN DRIVING CRAPPY CARS, right?
This all shows you what to expect from Obama’s health care stuff: old people will get traded in and sent to the junkyard! Mark my words, America!!

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  1. This piece by Ed Anger- really reflects irrational anger. Since when did the government take any money from Mr. Anger? In fact, the government has been giving tax give away's to people for years, oil depletion allowances, agriculture subsidies, inheritance tax exemptions, and the like. In fact the GOP has fed the private trough for years under Reagan/Bush I and II. Only in the Clinton Years did we have surpluses, lower state taxes and more money for this expensive country. By the way the public wealth (infrastructure, schools, roads, bridges, dams, levees, ports and etc.) were starved by the GOP's slant to the private wealth of our richest souls. So Mr. Anger stop complaining, you probably haven't paid Federal taxes in years, are enjoying social security, a pension fought for by the unions and medicare. In other words you are full of it!
    Richard J. Garfunkel
    Host of The Advocates
    WVOX-1460 Radio
    <a href="http://www.wvox.com” target=”_blank”>www.wvox.com
    New Rochelle, NY

  2. In reply to the above, I would say that Ed's anger is totally rational. I have it, too, bigtime. Even though basically all income tax revenue has long been spent (thanks to Obama and the "stimulus"), there is still the fact that taxpayers are still on the hook for what the gubmint spends. It is all just postponed; sticking it to the next generation or two. But I digress. It is TRUE that we taxpayers are paying for cars bought by those participating in the so called " cash for clunkers" program. I sure as hell won't be stopping my gas guzzling SUV when I see a disabled "hybrid" (especially one with an Obama bumper sticker) on the side of the road.
    Ed, you da man!
    P.S. What is the sense in destroying perfectly good vehicles?

  3. "old people will get traded in and sent to the junkyard"?
    That would be a waste. We should continue to recycle them. That's where the "Gubmint cheese" comes from.


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