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Woods attributed his poor play Friday mostly to bad luck, which PGA watchers say is code for “Elin’s voodoo doll.”

Whenever there is a chance for Tiger Woods to rebuild his golf image, he falls.  Somewhere Elin is sticking her Tiger doll with pins.
Here’s Tiger taking a shot – and right when he swings, he feels the pins in his back and drops his club.

Tiger won the Arnold Palmer Invitational last year and thought that maybe Elin had let up with the voodoo doll.  But WWN has learned that on the weekend of the tournament, Elin was on vacation and just “forgot” to stick pins in her doll.  But she was back at it for the U.S. Open.
Elin on vacation:

Not only is Elin using the voodoo doll on his golf game, she’s also using it to make him lose his hair.

Woods’ drought began after the fateful car accident on Thanksgiving night in 2009, leading to his failed marriage and fall from grace.
Elin’s voodoo doll is on roll.  He’s doomed…


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    Can there be animals on earth as ghosts periodically appearing? Yes, but their fate may vary. They maybe put an end by unseen ones around earth…


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