During the Vice Presidential debate, Weekly World News was granted access to Wikileaks major document dump, and Julian Assange is right! The 2016 Election is now in total turmoil.
Our WWN technology experts have been scouring the documents and have made one bombshell discovery. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have been emailing each other for the last two years. The 2016 Election is rigged!!
In one exchange from February of 2016, Hillary wrote to Donald: “Hey Don, can you and Ivanka meet me and Chelsea for dinner at Nobu? We can talk about the show we are about to put on for the American people!”
In another exchange Donald Trump told Hillary Clinton: “You can talk about my taxes during September and I’ll talk about your ill health. What do you think? The press will love it. HUGE ratings!”
What was most shocking is that WWN learned that Donald Trump has contributed $1million to Hillary Clinton’s campaign and The Clinton Foundation has promised Donald Trump that they will give Trump’s company exclusive rights for a new world-class golf course in Saudi Arabia.
Both the Clinton campaign and the Trump campaign were unavailable for comment, but Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson was quick to tell WWN, “I like ducks. They make really cools sounds.”
WWN’s Wikidump came up at the Vice Presidential debate.  Mike Pence strongly denied that Donald Trump was working with Hillary Clinton, and Tim Kaine said, “if Hillary was working with Donald Trump, it’s only because she wants to be the host of Celebrity Apprentice one day.”
WWN will continue to dig through the 5million pages of documents we received this evening.   The story will continue… but the question now is:
Why are Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton working together?!!

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