Tiger Woods lost (again) at the U.S. Open.  This time he blamed his loss on a voodoo curse his ex-wife placed on him.
After Tiger birdied the eighth hole Sunday at Doral, he  motioned dismissively with his right hand, as if to say: “You can keep it. Woods already had given up six shots to par in his final round.”

According to witnesses in the clubhouse, Tiger then raised his arms to the sky and reportedly yelled, “Damn you, Elin!”  Right after that, Tiger crumbled to the ground clutching his side.

PGA watchers said that this has been going on ever since Tiger’s life unraveled due to the revelation that he had numerous mistresses.  Rumors around the PGA say that Elin Nordegren has a “Swedish voodoo doll” that she sticks with pins (and sharpened golf tees) every time Tiger has a tournament.
And it’s working.


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  1. Animals can become ghosts-like as the werewolf I see historically – a wolf that becomes a ghost hanging around the forest, and then enters a human who was still undivided sexually within and made its home in this human. How a ghost-wolf? Possibly poisoned by villagers, and one in particular who was in its prime time of mating that yearns passionately to its mother in an altruistic level then becomes a ghost in such deep-trance day-dream passion. periodically appearing and disapearing to humans.
    Can there be animals on earth as ghosts periodically appearing? Yes, but their fate may vary. They maybe put an end by unseen ones around earth…


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