EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ – The lowly Nets can’t buy a win. The season from hell got a little worse for the team!
One of the biggest stories in the NBA this year is the Nets’ season. As of today they stand at a record of 7-63 with 12 games left. The team needs to win at least two of those games to avoid setting the new mark for futility and worst record in NBA history. At a recent game, the Nets season got a little worse.
It comes as no surprise that fans aren’t exactly bursting with enthusiasm for the Nets. One fan during Monday’s game against the Miami Heat attended with a paper bag over his head. Probably a sign of his embarrassment or displeasure with being associated with the team. Regardless, CEO Brett Yormark was not happy with the gesture and lost his cool.
Yormark, who’s known around the NBA as fan-friendly, spotted the fan and left his seat to investigate. Yormark snapped at the fan and got into a shouting match in front of reporters and photographers. The fan, identified as Chris Lisi, answered, “Because the Nets are so good,” when asked why he had the bag over his head.
Yormark addressed the issue on Tuesday, but wasn’t exactly in an apologetic mood. He said that it’s been a “frustrating season for all.” However, he indicated that he wanted to make the said fan aware that he did not agree with the way he was expressing his opinion.
This just adds insult to injury. The Nets don’t need anymore negative publicity as the teams’ play has certainly taken care of that. Don’t expect paper bag night to catch on anytime soon.

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