ORLANDO, FL – Tiger’s road to mending his relationship with his wife has hit a bump in the road. WWN has the breaking news!
Elin Nordegren has shown extreme grace under pressure. Her husband’s rampant debauchery would have caused many women to crumble and lose their cool, but Nordegren has kept hers. For the most part she has remained quiet but she has just released a message that what heard loud and clear.
In a shocking move, Nordegren has gone ahead and signed with Reebok. This move signifies among many things that Tiger shouldn’t expect the red carpet treatment back at home. It comes as no surprise that Nike has been the most prominent sponsor to stick with Tiger, but it looks like the house is now divided.
Reebok sees this as an incredible opportunity and will use Nordegren as a sponsor for any and all upcoming women’s initiatives. Nordegren has spoken loudly with her move and it says “you’re not going to keep me down anymore Tiger.”
Neither Tiger nor Nike could be reached for comment, but it might be possible that Tiger’s relationship with Nike could be further strained and one can only ask, how much can the rubber band stretch before it snaps? Nike does not want any competition when it comes to Tiger and a divided household will cause some serious problems. The sneak attack was finalized by Reebok shortly after the couple was photographed together for first time since Tiger’s fallout with Nordegren wearing a Nike swoosh.
WWN correspondent Tristen Howard was able to get in touch with a spokeswoman for Elin. “Elin is no longer going to take a back seat to Tiger. This move symbolizes that she is independent and capable of her own actions. Reebok has signed an incredible individual and they should see immense returns for their great initiative,” said the spokeswoman.

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6 thoughts on “TIGER ELIN DIVORCE”

  1. I have seen that photo from Getty Images and it has been altered! How deceiving and disrespectful. Poor journalism at its best!

  2. Way to go Elin dont let any man take you down.Im sorry this happen to you but youre a strong person and you will come out a winner,

  3. That is awesome!!!! Way to go Elin. Go make your own cash off of this whole deal and you can boot Tiger's ass out on the street. Send him packing back to those sleaze bags he was having a good time with while you were giving birth to his children.


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