AUSTRALIA – The birth of a child should be the happiest day for a parent, but that wasn’t the case for one mother!
Rebecca Doig gave birth to a beautiful daughter, but she didn’t even recognize her newborn. The 31-year old mother has been stricken by a rare form of Alzheimer’s disease that has made it impossible for her to recall the birth of her child, according to the Daily Mail.
“She has gone from being an independent, outgoing and bright young woman to someone who doesn’t recognize her own newborn daughter,” said Scott Doig. “The road ahead is going to be extremely difficult, there’s no two ways about it.”
Doig’s form of Alzheimer’s is very rare, accounting for just 5 percent of all Alzheimer’s cases. It’s caused by a gene mutation and typically affects people in their 30s or 40s.
“She’s like an 80-year-old going on five years old,” he said of his wife’s state.
The deterioration of her state has worsened as the disease eats away at the memory and emotional centers of her brain. Her husband has been forced to bear the burden of supporting the family financially and care for his wife and newborn child. Scoot has struggled to make his mortgage payments. In addition, he has been denied a disability pension to help him care for his wife and baby. Friends and family have set up a benefit event to help raise money for the family.

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