NEW YORK, NY – The New York Jets are fronting a nice chunk of money to their newly acquire cornerback!
The reason? Well, there are some paternity issues that need to be addressed. Antonio Cromartie, the new addition to the Jets, has one too many children with one too many women and now has some outstanding paternity payments that need to be made.
Cromartie, 25, isn’t due for a paycheck until the first week of the regular season, but he needed money immediately to take care of those off the field issues. The Jets stepped in and fronted him the cash. A Jets spokesman was reached but said that the team does not comment on player contracts and it would not confirm or deny the unusual measure taken.
“This is his unfortunate burden and he’s taking care of it,” a source spoke of Cromartie’s issues. “He’s got some time constraints on payments and [the Jets] did help him out with that. They’ve certainly helped with everything and that’s going to make like easier for him.”
What is the burden? Well Cromartie has the responsibility of supporting seven children with six different mothers in five different states. “I have seven kids in five different states,” Cromartie said in a Friday conference call with reporters. “I made some wrong decisions my first two years in the NFL, and now I have to take that responsibility to be a father. I’m going to be the best father to them that I can.”
One question immediately has to be asked. What impact did these wrong decisions have on his bank account? One has to find it hard to believe that Cromartie, a star cornerback in the NFL, has no money in his bank and has to ask his team to front him money to take care of these issues. One thing is for sure, the Jets will be developing a special jock strap that Cromartie wears at all times to avoid any future “wrong decisions.”

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