HOLLYWOOD, CA – Buzz Aldrin was the second man on the moon. Now he wants to be the first man on Mars and Dancing with the Stars will be his coming out party!
Buzz Aldrin is not your typical astronaut. Most claim that going to the moon is their ultimate goal. Well, Aldrin reached that goal but set many more for himself. He wrote two best selling memoirs, appeared on “The Simpsons,” recorded a rap song with Snoop Dogg, wrote a column for the Huffington Post and currently has a very popular Twitter page (831,000 followers).
Aldrin has set a new goal for himself and he’s going to use his appearance on Dancing with the Stars to share it with the world. Buzz Aldrin wants to put people on Mars by 2030 – 2035 at the latest. NASA’s plan for the last six years has been to go back to the Moon and Aldrin thinks it “is a waste of time and money.”
Aldrin wants to start off by creating a work colony on Phobos, a moon that orbits Mars. Then shuttle back and forth to the surface of Mars and building a life-support system that will allow people to live there for extended periods of time. Aldrin says of his plan, “Like dancing, there are stepping stones to space. Progress is from one step to another.”
How does Aldrin seem so confident in Mars and know so much about the planet? You have to look no further than his DWTS partner, Ashley Costa. While stunning and easy on the eyes, Costa is actually a native of the planet Mars. She has struck a mutual agreement with Aldrin.
They both have a passion for Mars and want it to become more than just a planet in the solar system. Aldrin appearing on DWTS is a blessing in disguise because it gives the two individuals a stage to convey their message and intent.
“Buzz is very passionate about Mars, almost as much as I am. He see’s the potential for the planet and knows that it is possible to sustain human life,” says Costa. “My people have the necessary knowledge to make such a dream a reality, but we lack the resources and financial means to achieve them. Buzz gives us a substantial ambassador to promote this message and make Mars a possible destination for humans.”
When DWTS begins on March 22, Buzz Aldrin and Ashley Costa will not only be dancing to win the crown but also for Mars.

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  1. Martians? What about the knicks hire of Thomas and pass on PhD ape? The knicks must be controlled by martians


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