AUSTIN, TX – Texas has seceded from the union.  Led by Governor Rick Perry, Texans and frustrated Conservatives are clamoring to Texas to start a new country.

Texas’ state congress held an emergency session on Thursday, and in a 180-1 vote decided to secede from the union.

Originally the Texas Senate opposed the actions of the State Congress, until the Congressmen asked if they would like to “step outside.”  After a brief scuffle behind the Capitol building, the Senate agreed and ratified the secession.

The new Republic of Texas is actively attracting those who are unhappy with the current US government.  Republicans who attended “Tea Party” protests earlier this week are expected to emigrate in droves.  Grief counselors had to be brought in to many of the protests as hundreds of Republicans realized they are now the minority.  Commercials on Fox News are advertising the new republic as “a Right-minded, God-fearing, *ss-kicking place to live.”  The Michigan Militia has offered to act as interim border patrol for the new state.

Texas was a republic from 1836, when it declared independence from Mexico, to 1845, when it was annexed as a U.S. state.  Kept in the state’s constitution was a provision allowing Texas the right to secede, which has to this point been purely ceremonial.

Governor Rick Perry made the announcement at a press conference Thursday afternoon.  Wearing a navy blue suit and carrying a Winchester rifle, Governor Perry announced that Texas would be its own autonomous republic.  The downtown Austin crowd responded with mostly polite applause and confused stares.  The same speech delivered in Houston later that day was met with thunderous applause and gunshots into the air.

The first orders of business addressed by the Republic of Texas were to set up a holiday on May 2nd where effigies of Gen. Santa Anna will be burned publicly, and to require all state business to be done wearing ‘coonskin caps.

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71 thoughts on “TEXAS SECESSION”

  1. Bottom line is Texas can secede at will. Why? It is very simple. The Federal government is now manned by a bunch of pacifists.

    If secession by Texas were to happen, in the next two years, it will happen without anyone in Texas needing to take up arms. Not a single shot will be fired. The Congress you elected has heard you loud and clear, you do not have the guts or the desire to wage war.

    So, make love, perhaps it will be without Texas.

  2. I feel the majority of the people in this country would understand the reasons for talk of a state or area of this country seceeding from the US. There have been many changes to this country recently, none of which have promoted the concept of the republic ideals of our founding fathers.
    If I may sugguest an idea that I have to strengthen our ailing country it would be this: A constitutional ammendment to sever governmental ties with the northeast region of this country. The northeast could then form their own national entity and form an alleigance with the European Union. This would solve many problems with our Great nation, would make the northeast happy, and would without doubt give the rest of the country a euphoric high that would promote business, unity , and the knowledge that we as a nation had accomplished something to cure this nation's ills.
    PLEASE Texas stay in the Union!! You are strong and healthy. Please help us cut loose the cancerous malignant turmor we call the northeast!!!!!

  3. Can anyone show me where in the Constitution, or any other federal law that says a state, any state cant seceded from the union? I don't see it! ANY state can leave the union any time they want. Just because the federal government illegally forced the confederate states back into the union at the point of a gun, doesn't mean that the secession was illegal.

    • Ken,
      Below is an explanation which includes the exact wording FROM the Constitution in quotes. However, the items in the brackets are referenced in different phrasing FROM the Constitution. (for additional info. check out http://www.texassecede.com/faq.htm

      Each of the united States is "united" with the others explicitly on the principle that "governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed" and "whenever any form of government becomes destructive to these ends [i.e., protecting life, liberty, and property], it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new government" and "when a long train of abuses and usurpations…evinces a design to reduce them under absolute despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such government, and to provide new guards for their future security."

      Therefore, if the existing government imposes it's will upon the people, it is the peoples right to "Throw off such government" and provide for themselves.

      I hope this helps.

  4. These are the same people who suceeded from the union because they wanted to own slaves.

    Sounds like an excuse to take away constitutional rights from minorities.

    I was always apposed to George Bush's policies…But that doesn't mean I hate America, or didn't want to be an American. This bassically sounds like a bunch of cry-babies who are upset because they lost the election.

  5. Let Texas secede…stop all Federal aid….don't allow them back!! Let them become a State of Mexico!! Think they need to stop and think this one through. I called Texas home for over 20 years and was proud of it, but come on, have they lost their minds?

    • Actually, Texas comes in 42nd for the amount of Federal aid it takes. Close to 80% of what it takes from the Fed is to pay for welfare programs forced onto it by the Fed. I think Texas can handle losing the noose around it's neck.

  6. I thought only California had the nuts in office and residents. Living in the Bay Area you hear it all. I don' t think anything will be lost by Texas' choice to seceed. Have hou ever been there? Only hope they don't try to collect foreign aide. it is not the government that is the problem it is the people. No one wants to be responsible for anything and no one seems to realize that laws are not ment to break leaving this nation in an unruly state.
    so if they want to leave more power to them

  7. If Texas secedes , will it succeed .??. it should think first of the case of Virginia — which seceded from the Union only to have West Virginia secede from it ( or un-secede from the Union) …, Wil the new Texas try to reinstate chattel slavery — of those with Black or Hispanic

    South Texas could secede from the rest of Texas — since it is mainly Latino anyhow — and it
    was taken from Mexico by war . It might become a state of Mexico — Nuevo Tejas …

    The Panhandle north of the Red River — might join Oklahoma to correct the anomaly of the Oklahoma Panhandle .. Or the Panhandlles might both secede from their old states and
    become Old Pandhandlia or New No Man's Land..

  8. I say let's separate into a Red country and a Blue country and see which one get's their *sses kicked by another country first. My bet is that the Red country may be hated by the rest of the world, but would last alot longer than the Blue.

    • Hey Just Sayin' I completely agree.

      Let's split the country into Red and Blue. I'll take New York and California over Arkansas and Mississippi any day. You think when people think America they think ass backwards Red states? Course not. They think Statue of Liberty, Golden Gate Bridge, L.A., Empire State Building.

      You can celebrate your secession with a hootenanny.

  9. I am a native Texan, and I think we should secede from the Union ASAP! F*** the bass alwards U.S. government policies. Time for the Texans to unite… Remember the Alamo!!!

  10. WAKE UP!! Secedding and then what? Being part of Mexico? Is that what we wanted? Let us use our own minds than the minds of emotional extremists who can't see beyond the horizon. How primitive a thought for a white man to secede from his white brothers in the USA. Trust me, the moment you secede you will sooner or later fall under Mexico. Don't you know that the majority of Texans now are Latinos. When Mexico attacks they will surely support their brethren. Hating Obama is no reason to hate our beloved union and beloved nation America the beautiful. Learn from most of the copuntries that secedded-the result was poverty, war, economic crisis ….wake up. Proud to be American!!!!!!!

  11. Texans have always claimed that the state of Texas could be a self supporting country. There is nothing in the Constitution to hold them, I say go for it!

  12. The midwesterners I've talked to usually say seriously that as far as they're concerned, Texas should seseed or laugh before saying the same thing. GO AHEAD. We either don't care or would like be get rid of Texas! Hey, maybe the rest of us will continue to get 6 days of mail delivery since Texas won't have any post offices. __ The only person whom I've talked to that isn't in favor of Texas seceeding is my eldely aunt … whose only income is less than $700/month Social Security and lives in her own home (paid for) in Texas. She's 88 and knows all too well Texan's feeling toward the poor and disabled. She is already beginning to give up hope. __ But, hey, this will be a new country, no longer the thumb (or billfold) of big brother. I say, go ahead and seseed — REAL Americans don't want you now that you've declared your intent. When your elderly and poor start dying in your streets, don't expect the United States of 49 states to even consider sending you aid!

    • Texans are the most caring of all people when it comes to taking care of our elderly and infirm. When your currency is worthless (as will soon be the case due to coming enormous inflation) do not expect Texas to send you aid. In your utter ignorance, you will have brought it all on yourselves and you will be the ones dying in the streets, not us. Our economy will still be strong and healthy because our Texas currency will be gold backed and we will have no national debt.

    • Were already seeing America falling at our feet, its not about who won the Election, or where you live, its about the freedoms that leave this body of people every day, about Change coming to America and knowing what will be left, because 52 % beleaved a lie, I know when it comes to get you, you will see the truth, but what can you do when all the things you say Texas will do without because they leave, happens to you because you stayed…..You better think about this…

  13. 2 months you dont have a govenment of your choice and you want to secede? Go for it. I am a natuaralized citizen. i was not born in Texas but will get the h*ll out of her as soon as it happens.

  14. I think it would be great if they did. Then they could form their own military (of mostly Blackwater mercs), and then Exxon/Mobile could send them to fight all the wars in the Middle East for oil.

    Did you know Texas just banned the use of biodiesel? So, who's in control down there? I say throw them the f**k out of the union until they learn how play nice!!! But they have to make good on all the money lost due to the Enron mess. And make good on the Valdez lawsuit. And when the city of Dallas collapses, because they're drilling underneath it for natural gas, they can pay to clean it up. And when they want to put oil rigs off the coasts, they can pay full market value for the rights.

    Look, they're just upset that their state has run out of oil. The US doesn't need Texas anymore. Oh, and the Cowboys are NOT America's team!

    • We will form our own military, but we will not be fighting in the Middle East for oil or anything else. The oil rigs off our coast will be drilling on what will be Texas property. Neither Dallas nor any other city will collapse from natural gas drilling…impossible. Enron and Valdez have nothing to do with the Republic of Texas. We are a long way from running out of oil because Washington has not allowed us to pump much for many years. We will be glad to get out from under the Nazi jack boot of the Eastern liberal Establishment at last…never to return you may be sure.

  15. I think the real issue here is being lost – people in Texas – and in other states as well – are seeing the new administration for what it really is and not what they thought it would be. No happy chipmunks running through rainbows, no, we now have a President that is apologizing (wtf?) for us (that means you too if you are an American) to other countries, and a government that is spending more in 100 days than has been spent in 100 years,the list goes on but you all know the score – if you choose to see reality and not stay swept up in the hype that was Obama's campaign. We know that President Obama's ideas of socialism do not work – they have been repeatedly tried and failed in numerous other countries – so why should Texans wait for the failure that is sure to hit here as well. Or do those of you who support our current administration think that he is the one that will finally make Marxist ideas work?

  16. Most of the Latinos in Texas are illegals. When we secede, we will expel all the illegals and many that are legal but worthless. The failed nation of Mexico will not dare attack Texas then. The US has already been destroyed as a livable nation by pervasive cultural immorality and rampant governmental socialism. Obama is only the most recent in a long line of traitors to lead America down the primrose path to destruction. If we do not secede, we will go down with the sinking ship of state and that to the benefit of none but the megalomaniacal narcissist globalists who are determined to destroy America in order to bring the entire world under their totalitarian communism.

  17. We are going to secede because of the bad direction our nation has been going since before I was born in '34, not because of BO specifically. He is just doing what the other traitors have done only on a much larger scale, a scale large enough to destroy the dollar and usher in a totalitarian dictator to bring order out of chaos as happened in Germany after WWI. You ignorant people have abandoned the American Constitution and are the ones who do not deserve to called Americans.

  18. This story was written in an attempt to mock the idea of Texas seceding. It was not intended to be taken seriously.

  19. Thank you, Cynthia. Well said. Seceding will involve a tremendous reorganizing effort and perhaps no small hardship for a short time, however, it will be worth solving all those many problems to be free of the dying corpse of a nation I grew up loving and for whom I served in the military in Europe. Because so many people have been dumbed down by our truly abysmal public schools and led by the treasonous media into serious deception, there is little hope short of numerous major miracles that America will come out of its death spiral before arriving fully in hell (as the German representative to the economic conference in England recently predicted of us–the Germans know all about that as you might recall). However, in stark contrast, I can imagine a great nation, the Republic of Texas, that truly is a republic rather than a democracy, that has no progressive income tax (the cost of government being born by import and other such taxes as advocated by Lincoln), no socialist governmental policies, no national debt, no welfare system, no desire to be the world's policeman, no collapsing currency, no abortion, no homosexual agenda, no AIDS problem, very low crime rate (the criminals will have been properly and legally executed), no immigration problem because the border will have been thoroughly closed and defended. We will return all the illegals from whatever country and many formerly legal immigrants who are unworthy of citizenship. All the Islamics will be expelled because it is certain that many of them are terrorist moles. Every able bodied man will be a part of the militia (as in Switzerland) and expected to be ready to defend our republic on call. There will be no standing army. Our new Texas currency will be gold backed to prevent government theft by inflation. There will be no Federal Reserve System to rob us blind on behalf of the super rich. The megalomaniacal pathological narcissists, the New World Order globalists (including the Bielderbergers, Gov. Perry and Sen. Hutcheson), will no longer control our destiny, and we will be free at last and free indeed to live as our beloved forefathers envisioned so very long ago.

  20. All who are true, freedom loving Texans in spirit must learn the immense benefits of secession and then remember not the Alamo but rather the 700 billion dollar giveaway to the mega wealthy as we march together into independence from an America that is no longer the constitutional republic our forefathers provided for us. It is no longer the "land of the free and the home of the brave." Over many years, it has become the land of the sniveling subservient and the home of those too ignorant and cowardly to stand against creeping despotism. There can be not the slightest doubt that our forefathers in heaven are thoroughly ashamed of what America has become and look forward with great excitement to seeing the Republic of Texas fulfill all the wonderful things that they thought possible for America.

  21. The State of Texas owns the offshore drilling rights, always has. Also the only federal lands in Texas were purchased by the federal government or given too it. Both were part of the deal when Texas entered the Union. There is plenty of oil left here. The environmental sit in the dark tree hugging dirt worshipers wont let us drill it. Its a federal tax thing. You would miss Texas. We put more into the kitty than we take out. Our government is still solvent unlike States of similar size and with economic similarities. That is because we dont have all the feel good social programs that they do. I am a Texans that is against secession, but I could imagine a few scenarios where my mind could change quickly.

  22. Maybe Tiller, but they bought and paid for their own suds. They work and they aint looking for a US bail out to pay for their suds and they are sending money to the US federal government not receiving money from it. The could prolly by more suds, if they didnt send so much of their money to BO and chronies.

  23. What the hell is the matter with you people who are advocating succession? The last time this type of dialouge was spoken ended with the death of 600,000 Americans. Shame on you! I recommend you pick up a Civics book and learn how democracy works.

    "While it's not true that all Conservatives are stupid people, it is true all stupid people are Conservatives"… Edmund Burke.

    • learn your history of america!!! and don't read any of the trash the Feds want you to read… READ POLITICALLY INCORRECT!!

    • what the hell is wrong with me is you and people like you. you lay around and take it up the ass from a bunch of blood suckers and don't do anything to protect the rights given us by thousands of patriots through time. you may not care enough about your freedoms but i love mine, and feel obligated to insure these freedoms pass on to future generations.

  24. Hey genius, 70% of all new jobs created last year were in Texas, and the top five metro areas for job opportunities this year are all in Texas. Maybe Texans know something that you don't?

  25. If Texas were to seceed it would take 35 electorals with it.Liberal rule for the remainder of the country would be assured.This would cause Oklahoma,Kansas and others to also leave further locking leftist rule for the remaining US territory.With in a generation twenty plus would leave.

  26. If Texas secedes not only would it take electoral votes away,it would also take 'federal dollars away. All military basis, all interstate hiways funds all welfare such as medicaid etc.all would be gone. Can Texas afford this loss? I don't think so.


  27. Texas secession is a fantastic idea. Think of the mass executions that FOX NEWS could cover! And think of all the new prison jobs that would be created. The Anglo Republic of Texas has a nice ring to it. I'm sure tourism would be a big industry too–only place to see slave labor at work. No one will miss any of the sports teams from Texas and I'm sure they'll be happy in their own restricted leagues anyway. It's just a good idea all around for everyone. Let's hope it happens sooner rather than later. President Limbaugh and Vice President Hannity. Go for it Texas!

  28. Texas didn't secede because they wanted to own slaves, it was because of unfair taxation on southern states…
    The prior might be what they teach in northern states

    read a history book before you spout off your mouth!

  29. we here in texas are a net positive state! we supply more to the federal government than we receive… try running the US without texas energy resources….

    • Why would the U.S. try to hold a State that does not want to be a part any more? 129 BILLION barrels of oil beneath Texas dirt.

  30. Careful what you wish for, you might get it forced on you sooner than you think. Forget secession, let’s talk about eviction. I live in Georgia, but would gladly move north in support of this idea. Let’s not just allow it, let’s force South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, and Texas out of the Union. Then all the right wing nut jobs will have a place to go and the rest of us can live in peace without them. We voted them out of office, now let's vote them out of the country.

  31. I hope you realize that Texas is a very important part of the union. We supply oil, beef, and other valuable rexources to other states. If you ask me, the authors of the Texas constitution were smart to put that in there. Have you ever been here in Texas its beautiful, you can find lakes, rivers, mountains, and prairies. How many other states can you say that about? We are a very diverse state and its good to know that if things are not goin well with the federal government that we can be independent.

  32. We where our own country for years and did just fine before the us got involved. Texas has lost more men and women in the war in Iraq than any other state. You need to look in the mirror and see what you have offered lately.

  33. I agree. I say let em' secede…and watch them fall down to their doom. I hope that will serve as a painful lesson for any state with moronic governors and politicians to think twice before they show their faces on camera. Oh, and by the way, "state's rights" is not the issue here as what the good governor would like to portray it. I call it stupidity and last I checked, Texas gets the most money from the federal government over disaster relief plus a bunch of programs that only keep sucking the taxpayer's hard earned dough.

    But hey, if they want to secede, let them try, but I doubt they can stand on their own feet because all the money that Texas greedily wants will be cut off and all federal loans for future projects will be closed. In short, everything they get from the government will be GONE. And you know what? That will save us more money! I've lived in Texas and while I admire their "shoot first and ask questions later" mentality (and get amused by it, too), I've seen plenty of stupidity and backwardness. Secession aside, I bet the Mexican government would LOVE to have it back! I'm sure Generalissimo Santa Ana would be smiling over that in his grave.

    Oh, and one more thing. Let's not forget the GOP ruined our country for EIGHT LONG YEARS and devastated our economy. We have been the laughingstock of the earth all because of the very same "spirit" of a certain Texan and his cronies that have been advocating all that time. Face it, people, the blood of every American is on the GOP's leaders and supporters. I voted them out of office and I certainly won't forgive them for ruining the lives of every generation of Americans, including mine. You want a country free of a democracy? Fine. Be my guest. Just pack up and go to Texas. Oh, and good luck surviving there. Just don't expect people like me to tell you "I TOLD YOU SO!" when the "Bank of the Republic of Texas" gets bankrupt and then suddenly, Mexican government re-conquered Texas. Infact, I'll be sleeping happily while the Texans wallow in misery and wonder over their "predicament". Let's see if you can "yippee-ka-yay" out of that.

  34. Why does everyone assume that texas would become part of mexico, the state of its own productivity has a higher GDP than the entire country of mexico. I think it more likely that mexico would be part of texas than the other way around.

  35. i love that everyone assumes that texas would fail if it were to secede from the union, nevermind that their GDP for the state of texas alone is north of 1 trillion dollars (equivalent to countries such as say, canada, mexico, russia brazil…) and that they have a functioning government that is a net contributor to the federal government on just 8.7% of their residents money. If they were to secede they would suddenly be able to get rid of many programs they are saddled with by the federal government and could then spend that money elswhere. I think the question is not "will texas fail" but will america succeed.

  36. I am sorry that I can't agree with you. You mention Reagan's principles… I strongly disagree with you there, we need to stick with the Constitution. You can talk as much as you want about re-organizing but I will tell you that that job will not do. There is only one option now and that is to secede.

  37. I do not want to live under a corrput fed gov that is out of control. In the 60's, a young couple became a part of our discussion group. They were communist. They told how the communist were going to destroy our country without ever firing a shot. They were going to do it through our children, our education system, infiltration of our government and the tax payer would pay for our own destruction. I was afraid to send my child to a public school so until his last two years of high school he remained in private schools. He was so far advanced over the public schools system the math teacher called and said that she was unable to teach him as he was too far ahead of high school. What was once called communism is now being called the progressive left. The communist have accomplished what they set out to do.

  38. Get real people. Texas will not sucede. What is funny is that some talk about if they did they will bring back slavery or take rights away from minorities. No one is advocating we do that. Tose people are sre the far left nuts that play the race card for everything. It doesn't matter if they are white or not they play the race card to get thier way. As for if texas could survive without the federal government, they will without a doubt. It may not be the wealthiest country in the world but it would survive. We all know that. the only people that think it couldn't are the people who are stuck thinking the people of this country need the financial support of the government. And will the rest of the country survive without texas of course it will.

    • At this writing, Texas is one of three states that is operating without a defficit.
      DUH—-Think people!!!

  39. The question is, what will other states do if texas leaves the union. I think you will find that if texas leaves and the feceral government does nothing, that several other states will follow. Lets face it, this country is not what our founding fathers imagined it to be. And i think that most americans think the same. only a few think it is what our forfathers intended. And they are mostly liberal finatics that want us to become a socialist country. I think each state should have the right to leave this union if is so chooses through a vote in that state.

    For Che who wrote 9 weeks ago:

    "While it's not true that all Conservatives are stupid people, it is true all stupid people are Conservatives"… Edmund Burke.

    You need to broaden your horizons and also read things that are not written by the far left. You need to be able to think for yourself. I have met a lot of stupid people in my life and they were both Liberal and conservative. I think you know what colum you fall into since you were stupid enough to insert such a stupid quote.

  40. When I read waste-of-time op-eds about state secession, it really gets my goat to see that some people in this country actually still take this stuff seriously. That they think they can pander misnomers about their state as though, insultingly, everyone is to believe their locally socialized propaganda. To the select few out there who whine about seceding away from the government reps they themselves vote into office and to those who are too lazy or too incompetent to go to our centers of power in this country to at least try to make a difference themselves, why don't you, instead, shed the rock you grew up living under in your little isolationist camps. I'm from Texas and moved out a while back for business. When you come to realize like I did that the rest of the nation isn't talking about nor reliant on Tx for much of anything, maybe then you'll stop with the irrational bravado that reinforces and perpetuates negative stereotypes about you. Every state is doing their part without the flurry of over compensating, socially inept rantings of home-grown bravado. Why can't the members of the Rick Perry Taliban Republic do so also. PLEASE STOP MESSING UP TEXAS FOR THE REST OF US. PLEASE STOP MESSING UP THE GOP WITH YOUR UNIBOMBER MENTALITIES.

  41. The country is indeed polarized as never before in my lifetime. There is enough hate and contempt to go around. It seems as though it might not be all that bad an idea to split along idealogical lines at this point, rather than continue the torment. If this were a marriage, would we not be in divorce court? Texas will do well, regardless of whether she remains in the Union.
    If she leaves, you may be assured that other states will go with her. It's not a bad thing. It is just a sign of the times. We should agree to disagree and quit wasting to so much time and money trying to dominate each other. It's futile. Let the socialists have what they want and leave the rest of us to govern ourselves the way we believe. It will happen anyway.

  42. What does this Governor thinks he's Seceding to? Is he personally going to single-handedly take over the care & support of those who are on Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Food Stamps?
    Where does he propose to take these people on to? He's suppose to be a CHRISTIAN?
    Leaving your elders; handicapped and poor is NOT the Christian way; all according to the teachings of the Good Book; the Bible. Sounds like a very Hypocritical angle on his part.
    Either all those that I mentioned will be left to die; or there will be a MASS abondonment/Exodus of the State/Country Texas; and he will be governing a GHOST State/Country and be ALL alone to govern What? Who? Who will be left/stay to elect him for what?

  43. I've heard the story of the Princess & the Pea; is he going to be willing to lay claim to be King of the Pea-brains? And who would be smart (eh!) to follow a Pea-Brain is this ridiculous persuit.
    What happens to Laws? Jails? And the like?
    Sounds like he's lost it; really lost it!!!
    What about revenue to support the leftover citizens that may stay; how do they propose to meet payrolls; housing etc.?
    Autonomy? He needs to start back in Kindegarten; the teachings of our Forefathers; Of the People, For the People, By the People.
    Sounds more like; Of the Governor, For the Govenor, By the Governor.
    Makes you wonder; how did this guy get into office? His thought process is at best; FAULTY.

    King? Of what?

  44. If Texas seceeds, the only real slaves will be in what's is left of the US. Actually if Texas went out with Oklahoma and Louisana, the rest of the United States would probably starve or freeze. The economic, productive, and agricultural clout of those three states would assure independance and prosperity for its citizens.

  45. 21. Gun rights. Hey look, texans need their guns because the state is unwilling foot the bill for adequate policing and safety like other states. state first! citizen last!

    22. Highest unwanted teen pregnancies. According to a Houston paper, they like to do more than play with barbies down in tx. Apparently they like to get pregnant and be a mom at age 12 too.

    23. Poorly educated. STILL poorly educated compared to other states. when are the oil guys going to pay for schools.

    24. Lack of affluence. This is something oil money cannot buy. you can be rich, but you can't find Oklahoma on a map.

    25. Cities annex neighboring towns just to boast on size. truly texas. guess what, everyone can see thru this. when your metro area is a 10th the size of other metro areas, you kind of get the idea your just being typical tx.

    26. Highest accident rate of any state. Listen, you have to drive 2 hours to get to what places the rest of us can get to in 30 minutes. I would drive fast and not care about my life too if I lived in texas. of course, the accident rate also includes factory explosions, etc.

    27. Texas consumes more energy than what is produced by the state in terms of gross product per the dept of energy. texas is an energy empire. unfortunately, their bragging is unsubstantiated when they claim the power the world.

    28. highest in-sourcer (more people working for foreign firms – helping make $ in foreign investments). guess what, more citizens in tx by percentage aren't contributing a dime to u.s. investment.

    29. High cancer rate. of course. you don't roil your state with anything goes industry without paying for it do you?

    30. High obesity rate – must be the dependence on mexican food, bbq. That's Mexian food, you know, it's what makes tx so exotic.

  46. Texas has a larger economy than 72 other countries. Texas is also a "donor" state, so we will keep our money, and you keep yours, we come out better in the end. Time to bail from the bankrupted sinking ship known as the USA..

  47. There is no debate about it… The national debt, interest payments, current deficits, and unfunded liabilities (Medicare, SS, pensions, etc.) are unmanageable. They can either default or hyper-inflate the currency, either devastating the American people. Nothing is being done to discourage the poor from having more babies and putting more strain on the system, in fact they are encouraging more poor Americans and legal and illegal immigrants to do so. You could elect super-majorities of Republicans in Congress and put one in the White House, but it's too late to right this ship. Secession is going to happen. Wouldn't it be better if we chose where we would live according to our ideology, rather than waiting for some regime rushing in and forcing us into servitude. I would love for libs to have their own country rather than destroy mine. When free people choose to secede, I'll be there and I will work my butt off so my children can be free.

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