WASHINGTON, DC – Georgetown University has admitted to covering up symbols of Jesus Christ when President Barack Obama spoke there on Tuesday. Is that okay?

Georgetown, which is run by Jesuits, is the oldest Roman Catholic university in the United States, and still follows many Catholic traditions. Crucifixes can be found on many classroom walls, and University-owned buildings are barred from selling or distributing birth control products.

Georgetown staff have stated that they covered the monogram “IHS”, which symbolizes Jesus’s name, on stage while President Obama gave a speech. They said the White House had asked them to cover Georgetown signs and symbols on stage while he was there. What does this mean?

Some fear that Obama’s religious beliefs may be hollow, as made evident in his disrespect for his own savior. However, Jesus himself has issued a statement to clear the situation up.

“It’s hard to compete with the big JC. When you’re up on stage, President of the frickin’ United States, trying to tell people about your Big Plans, and all they’re looking at is my name right behind you? That’s tough, man,” said Jesus.

“What’s he gonna say, he’s got a new bill for eternal salvation? I’m a tough act to follow,” he laughed.

When asked if he felt any animosity towards Obama, Jesus shook his head. “Nah, he’s an alright guy. Did you see that wicked Easter egg hunt they had on the lawn, celebrating my resurrection? All talking into the rabbit’s ears? I definitely LOLed.”

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10 thoughts on “GEORGETOWN HIDES JESUS?”

  1. Oh who cares? If Georgetown didn't want to cover up the symbols, they wouldn't have done it. Blame the school, not Obama.

  2. I blame both..First shame on Georgetown to turn their back on their faith..disgraceful…Second the nerve of someone to tell someone to deny their God.. I guess Muslims are use to this..

  3. Wake up folks, the writing is on the wall. Americans are walking targets in the name of Obama and his APOLOGISTS.

    I am proud to be an American and some of my deepest sadness has been felt in the last two months. These are not good signs and the future is shaky for all Americans. Freedom of speech is a thing of the past unless you are endorsing Obama.

    The desecration of sacred religious icons is just the start.

  4. definitely agree, pirate. mr obama appears to be a serious threat to our american religious freedom. But a much bigger threat is all of us christians who accept it and don't react.

  5. Seems to me like this is being taken out of context. I have not seen where the White House or President asked for hiding Jesus Christ. I've read where they asked for a back drop of flags. The letters on the podium only were covered b/c the flags didn't. No where else in the room where the references to Jesus were hidden as said in my Church today. Why are we trying to fault in everything our new President does? Why aren't we encouraging him and offering him our prayers and support?

    • Hear Hear! I'm a little shocked and concerned that so many ppl are jumping to conclusions and getting so aggressive and judgemental about something that they don't have all the facts about. It sounds to me like you're all on a witch hunt. There are many versions about the supposed request and the reasoning behind it. I don't believe that Obama is a Muslim, and even if he is a 'closet' Muslim, or an atheist, or whatever, he's not the the kind of person who would intensionally offend any religious group. He isn't stupid or disrespectful. Do you really think he'd jeopardize his reputation as a decent, diplomatic and tolerant leader??? Sounds like a few of you could use a bit of therapy or an anger management program.

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