WASHINGTON, DC – NBC has hired Jenna Bush to be a correspondent on the “Today” show. Despite a lack of any journalistic credentials the network feels she will be a valuable addition to the program.
Jenna Bush, now Jenna Hager, and daughter of former President George W. Bush has been hired as a special Washington, D.C. correspondent on NBC’s top rated the “Today” show.  The 27 year old elementary school teacher has no training in journalism, but feels that her perspective on national issues will be a valuable addition to the national discourse.  Her first full piece will be about proper Twitter etiquette in the workplace.
Brief segments were shot with Jenna earlier this week around Washington DC which were not allowed to air.  At her first segment Jenna confused the Lincoln Memorial with the Washington Monument.  Stubborn but a good sport, Jenna didn’t believe when producers corrected her until she ran up the stairs of the monument to see for herself.  “Oh-Mah-Gawd!  I’m so sorry ya’ll!”
Later she introduced the Washington Mall as the ruin of America’s first indoor shopping center, which was burned down in the war of 1812.  “She doesn’t always know what she’s talking about” said director Nate Grossman “But she says it like a pro.”  Producers had to convince her to not end her segments with “I’m Jenna Hager.  WOOOOO!!”
Critics agree Jenna could not be worse than Amy Carter, who once introduced the show by saying, “Hello, I’m Amy Carter,” and stared into the camera for 3 full minutes

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4 thoughts on “JENNA BUSH ON TODAY SHOW”

  1. Lucky she is elementary school teacher and not a zoo trainer.
    Just figure out these poor animals who have no parents to catch up with after school classes.
    I suppose not everyone can read monuments.
    Makes us remember someone.


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