Your Weekly Star Guide
By Madame Malisa
Renowned medium & psychic

Mar. 21 – Apr. 19
Go out and have some fun! You have energy to spare right now and can afford to kick up your heels for a day or two.
Avoid stressful encounters. It would just put a damper on your fun, and not be good for your mental health either.
Pay attention to a conversation between two people who aren’t aware you’re listening. You’ll pick up a worthwhile financial tip.

Apr.20 – May 20
Keep your sights up! Work on settling long-range projects instead of wasting time with daily problems. You’ll get the rewards you crave sooner than you imagine.
Use your common sense to do the right thing if someone you’re fond of tries to take advantage of you. THey don’t mean any real harm. Be firm, but fair.
A frozen heart is thawed!

May 21 – Jun. 20
Be flexible. Be loose! A wild and crazy opportunity to enjoy yourself will come your way at an outing this weekend. But you won’t have a good time unless you learn to relax.
Rely on your natural friendliness to help you with a mixed-up money situation. You’re able to talk your way out of anything this week.
Someone’s looking your way!

Jun. 21 – Jul. 22
Relax and keep cool! If you don’t lose your temper or get ruffled in an unfortunate situation, you’ll come out the winner – just like always.
Deal with any major decisions calmly and methodically. It will pay big dividends in your financial future.
If you don’t make decisions, they will be made for you. And you know you’re happiest when you’re in control.

Jul. 23 – Aug. 22
Good news is on the horizon! And all you have to do is wait for your ship to dock.
Money problems that have been worrying you will soon disappear, so there’s no need to let financial concerns get you down.
See special friends and loved ones as much as possible. Take the time to let them know just how special they are. They’ll be delighted, and you’ll be rewarded.

Aug. 23 – Sep. 22
Don’t be bullheaded! Share your problems. There’s someone just longing to help, but you need to ask. Remember a problem shared is halved and a joy shared is doubled. So spread some joy around, too.
Don’t be shy about letting someone know how you feel – speak up! They’re going to love what you say.
Look at issues objectively.

Sep. 23 – Oct. 22
Give it a good shot! It’s your life. And you owe it to yourself to enjoy it. Don’t short-change yourself because of family demands.
There’s a tempting love offer from an unexpected suitor. Weigh the benefits before you leap into anything. It could cost more than it pays! Be careful.
Positive times are ahead. Stick to plans tenaciously.

Oct. 23 – Nov. 21
Let the sun shine in! Open your heart and enrich your life. Respond to the needs of loved ones in the days ahead. You’ll be happier than you’ve been for a long while.
A quiet time out-of-doors recharges your batteries. There is nothing so rewarding to you as the gifts of nature.
Let them fill all the unfilled places in your life. You’ll be whole again.

Nov. 22 – Dec. 21
Go get ’em! Your colorful personality and ability to charm others could pay off in unexpected ways this week. Open up and let everyone see how much you have to offer.
If a loved one has been giving you problems, don’t judge them. Give them understanding. That’s what they need most from you right now.
A friendship becomes intimate!

Dec. 22 – Jan. 19
Listen to that little voice! This is not the time to demand your usual perfection and efficiency. Let intuition guide you in matters of the heart. Nothing is ever just black and white in your particular love life!
That’s what makes it exciting – so just accept it.
Remember your priorities, and don’t minimize the importance of family and friends.

Jan. 20 – Feb. 18
Just be yourself! You’ll do just fine if you can get along without caring much about what others think.
It is somewhat important, but don’t let it rule your life.
Warmth from an unusual source gives you a happy feeling. It’s just what you need right now to pick up the pace and get you back on track. This new appreciation of life invigorates you.

Feb. 19 – Mar. 20
Luck is with you! A small gamble changes your life for the better. Mix courage with caution and reap the benefits of your daring.
With this good news on the horizon, don’t let money worries get you down.
Keep your own council about your new pet project. Ask questions, say little, smile a lot. Then clear the decks and take action.

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